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Children's Hospital Colorado Junior Reporter Trey interviews Courtland Sutton 

Trey, a Children's Hospital Colorado Junior Reporter, sat down with Courtland Sutton for an exclusive interview at the end of October.

Courtland Sutton, the Denver Broncos' new star rookie receiver, met with me after his football practice on Oct. 31. With the trade of the Broncos top receiver, Demaryius Thomas, to the Houston Texans still very fresh, I asked the rookie if he was ready to step in to fill DT's role. Courtland responded humbly by saying that he learned a lot from Demaryius and that he hopes to stay in touch with him during the offseason. He then went on to say that he is ready to put in the work to do the best he can to fill Thomas' shoes.

I then asked him about his college experience at Southern Methodist University in Texas — I was interested in what he had to say since that next part of my life is just around the corner. Sutton explained that his experience at SMU was definitely one to remember. At the SMU football games they would be lucky to have 3,000 fans show up, but he was always excited to do his best and put on a good show, even for a small crowd. A few more than 3,000 show up to his games now! He advised me that everyone is different and selecting a college is all about finding the right fit for you, and SMU was the perfect fit for him.


I decided to take a risk and ask the questions we all really want to know, but on one ever asks. With a smile on my face, I slyly asked Courtland if he considered himself a ladies man. I think I caught him a little off guard. Immediately he burst into laughter, but kind of deflected the question. Once he composed himself, he responded that his dog is more of a ladies man because every time he posts pictures of his pup on social media, the girls seem to love how cute the little guy is. Judging by the smile on Courtland's face, he's got his own way with the ladies too, he just didn't want to admit it.

Finally, I asked Sutton what he would be doing if he wasn't playing football. His answer surprised me but gave me a lot of insight about the kind of guy he is off the field. Courtland would be helping kids of all ages, by teaching them the important lessons he has learned in his life. He talked about how everyone's situation is different, but he felt that he could have a real positive impact on kids' lives and that was important to him.

Overall, it was a pleasure sitting down and talking to Courtland Sutton. He's a very down to earth young man with good values and mad football skills and he's ready to put the work in to turn the Broncos' season around.

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