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Children's Hospital Colorado Jr. Reporter: My interview with Sylvester Williams


Hi! My name is Chandra Barnes and I am a 10-year old cancer survivor.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to meet and interview Sylvester Williams, nose tackle for the Denver Broncos.

During my visit at their training center, I sat down and asked him a few questions:

Me: Do you have any pets?
Sylvester: "No, I do not."


Do you have any siblings?
S: "Yes, I do."

What is your favorite color?
S: "Red."

Do you have any kids?
S: "Yes, I have one boy."

What is your favorite food?
S: "Chicken wings."

How do you get out of the house with out someone recognizing you?
S: "I wear regular clothes."

Do you like practice?
S: "Yes."

What size is the football you play with?
S: "Regulation size."

Do you have any other favorite sports besides football?
S: "Basketball."

Are you usually a morning person or a night person?
S: "Night."

What is your favorite board game?
S: "Monopoly."

What is your favorite holiday?
S: "Christmas."

Do you have a favorite ice cream?
S: "Sherbert."

I was so surprised when my hand fit in the palm of his hand. All of the Bronco players are so tall it was so cool to meet Sylvester Williams and see the training center. I had a great time!  

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