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Children's Hospital Colorado Jr. Reporter: Maya Delaney

Photos of Children's Hospital Colorado junior reporter Maya Delaney's interview with Adam Gotsis. (Photos by Gabriel Christus)

My name is Maya Delaney and I was lucky enough to interview Adam Gotsis. He is number 99 on the Denver Broncos, a defensive end, and he's my new favorite player. Adam is from Australia and he has a really cool accent. He is really tall, has big feet and is super nice. I asked him a lot of questions, some about sports but most about life.


First I asked him what his favorite color is and he said baby blue because his first teddy bear was baby blue. My favorite color is also baby blue! 

Next we talked about his favorite food and he said chicken parmesan. Then I asked him what his favorite costume he dressed up in for Halloween was and he said the band KISS with some of his teammates. I wish I could have seen that, it would have been so funny! 

Next I asked Adam if he has any pets. He doesn't have any pets here but in Australia his family has 1 dog and 2 cats.

My next question was what animal are you afraid of? He's afraid of snakes and spiders, which is ironic because they have a lot of both of them in Australia. He also told me that Australia gets really hot and it is summer there now and can get to 105 degrees! He likes to go to the beach when it is that hot. Did you know that you have to fly for about 15 hours on a plane to get to Australia?


Next we talked about sports and I asked Adam if you were not a football player what would you want to be? He said that he would want to work in sports and would want to help children learn how to play football. I also asked him what the craziest thing he has ever done was. He thought about it for a minute then told me about how he went sledding down a huge sand dune and it was really fun. He's never been snow skiing but it sounds a little like it. 

Adam was so nice to take the time to talk with me. He seems so nice and kind and he is a really good football player. 

Right before we left UCHealth Training Center, Adam asked me if I was going the game, I told him no but that I'd be watching it on TV. He is so awesome that he got us amazing tickets to the game and we even got to hug him on the field before the game started. It was so cool! One of the best days ever and I will never ever forget it!

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