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Children's Hospital Colorado Jr. Reporter: Markus Jacobs

Photos of Children's Hospital Colorado junior reporter Markus Jacob's interview with Darian Stewart and meeting other Broncos. (Photos by Gabriel Christus)

I recently had the opportunity to be a Jr. Reporter at the Denver Broncos training facility. I was able to talk to Darian Stewart, No. 26, a Broncos safety.

We talked about a lot of things like what he wanted to do after football. He wants to be a high school football coach. I also asked him if he had any pets and he did and she is a poodle and her name is Fancy who even gets her nails painted. (Pretty fancy if you ask me).

I also asked if he ever got nervous when we played a hard team. He said, "I always get nervous with every game."


He said I had a great spiral when we were playing toss, which inspired me to throw even more! In his spare time he said he was a family man and liked to spend time with his family as well as watch Netflix shows.

I was also wondering why I saw pictures with people trading jerseys, so I asked and he said that it was a way of showing respect to the other players, and also that he went to college with some of the players in the league, not on his team but that he had their jerseys.

He also said that my rotationplasty was cool and for no one to tell me different.

I also got to meet many different players that knew my name, including Darian. They were all very nice and even let me play toss with them and signed by football and jersey. They told me to keep fighting and stay strong.

After that encounter I was able to tour the headquarters where all the quarterbacks and linemen meet and where the players do retirement speeches and coach talks.

I was provided with a lot of goodies. One of the players, Demaryius Thomas, game me his pair of gloves.

It was a fun experience and I look forward to doing further events if invited.

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