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Children's Hospital Colorado Jr. Reporter gets Denver Broncos experience with Emmanuel Sanders

Adam Torres, this week's junior reporter, spent a few minutes after practice with Head Coach Gary Kubiak and wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders. (Photos by Eric Bakke)

When I was invited to interview the Denver Broncos, I was so excited and happy. When I actually got there, I couldn't stop smiling.

When I was interviewing Emmanuel Sanders, #10, Denver Broncos wide receiver, they were videotaping me and cameras were all over the place, and I was nervous. At least I know what it's like to be a Denver Bronco when they're getting all their pictures and when they're on TV and getting talked to.

The things I learned from Emmanuel Sanders were that he has two sisters and his wife cooks him lasagna, and that's his favorite food. He said he eats spaghetti before every game. If he ever cooked something, he would just cook a corn dog or a Hot Pocket. Emmanuel's favorite car is a Ferrari. I got to see his car. It's a nice car. It's white with a red stripe on the front.

Emmanuel's favorite color is red, which is also my favorite color. He said because his high school's colors were yellow and red. Red is just a good color for his high school. Emmanuel liked fire drills in school and he went to college. Emmanuel's favorite cartoon movie is a super hero movie and his favorite video game is Sonic and Crash Bandicoot. His favorite animal is a lion. If Emmanuel could combine two sports it would be football and golf and it would be called, "folf."  If Emmanuel could create a football team, he would name it the "Houston Hardheads." Emmanuel says the strongest player on his team is Derek Wolfe. When he's not playing football, Emmanuel's favorite thing to do is sit at home and watch TV.

Emmanuel was 27 when he started playing with the Denver Broncos. I didn't know you could be 27 when you started playing for the Broncos. He said a really cool thing about playing with the Broncos is that when they win championships, they get really cool rings. I wish I could get those rings, too, because they're really nice. He said the Broncos also get a lot of trophies. I got to stand by the Super Bowl 50 trophy. At the end of the interview my feet started to turn numb because I was so excited.

At the Broncos headquarters, they have a really nice locker room and bathroom for the guests. They also have a cold tub and a hot tub. The tour guide said the Broncos locker room is even nicer, which is hard to imagine because the guest stuff is like the nicest stuff I've seen and it is even nicer than this? It must be fun to be a Denver Bronco.

In the cafeteria, it's very large and they have a space just for the Broncos to eat and there's only healthy stuff in there. They cannot eat any fatty food. At the place where they practice inside, I ran the whole entire field, which is as big as the field they actually play on and the one they practice on outside. I can't believe they run this much because I almost fainted just from running one lap around the field. I even got to throw the new football they gave me through the goal post, which was not as tall as I thought it would be. I thought it would be way, way taller.

I was very excited and grateful for the things Emmanuel gave me, including a brand new signed football, signed gloves he just got finished playing with, a really cool hat that looks kind of like my dad's, and a really nice sweatshirt.  It was cool that I got to interview the Denver Broncos since I like playing football, too.

When I was leaving, a camera man came out and asked me, "Hey do you want to get interviewed?"  I said, "Yeah, sure." He told me to walk up by the headquarters and to walk down the stairs, because that's usually what the Broncos do. I felt nervous about the interview, but it ended up going okay. It was a very long day, and I was very excited!

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