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Children's Hospital Colorado Jr. Reporter: Anna Cunningham

Photos of Children's Hospital Colorado junior reporter Anna Cunningham's interview with Casey Kreiter and meeting other Broncos. (Photos by Gabriel Christus)

Last month I had the incredible opportunity to meet and interview a Broncos player. This was an amazing opportunity and there was no way we couldn't go, so we talked with our doctors and made sure we could. And it was settled, the Broncos interview was supposed to happen on the 15th of November. The weeks leading up to the interview were filled with excitement. I couldn't wait to interview a Broncos player! Once we got to their practice field, I got my official reporter's badge and some Broncos goodies!


My dad and I got a tour of the Broncos practice fields, lockers, cafeteria and much more! The indoor football field was the length of a real one, and seeing a professional football field in person was awesome. The field had everything you'd expect a football field to have, but all the goals and sidelines look so much smaller on TV! Their locker rooms are so much bigger than I imagined! There were ninety lockers in that locker room, which is crazy.

After the tour I got to watch the last few minutes of their practice. It was so cool to watch. They ran a lot faster than it looks like on TV and it was such a cool thing to see. When their practice ended, we watched as the players walked to either talk to the press, or go to the locker room. It was time for my interview, so we headed outside and found a seat on the bench. Soon after the practice ended, Casey Kreiter walked up to me. I wanted to interview him since he came into Children's Hospital Colorado once and I got to meet him while I was in the hospital!

After we both introduced ourselves again, other football players came up to me, said "Hi," and even signed a football that I was given before the tour! Casey Kreiter, Von Miller, Garett Bolles, Will Parks, Darian Stewart, Aqib Talib and Demaryius Thomas all signed my ball! After they signed my football they headed to the locker room. It was now time to interview Casey!

Q: Around what age did you know you wanted to play football?
A: "I've always knew I wanted to play football. My dad played football in college. But in junior high is really when I had the dream to play football professionally."

Q: What is your favorite stadium to play at?
A: "I really like playing at home. It's nice to play somewhere familiar."


Q: Do you watch your football games on TV after the game?
A: "I don't watch the whole game on TV, although I do watch the film that the coaches want us to watch."

Q: What's your favorite movie to watch? Do you watch it often?
A: "That's a hard question, I love Disney movies, especially 'Inside Out.' I watch Disney movies on most Tuesdays, my off day."

Q: What is your favorite food?
A: "I like a lot of foods. … Does ice cream count as a food? If it does, then ice cream!"

Q: Do you have a pregame routine?
A: "This may sound weird, but I use hotel soap to wash my hands before a game. Even if it's a home game, it has to be hotel soap."

Q: Did you get to pick a jersey number? Is there a reason why you picked the number 42?
A: "I actually got to pick my number and I picked 42 because my dad wore it in college. Also Jackie Robinson's number was 42. He is one of my idols."

Q: What other activity other than football do you enjoy?
A: "I like to play video games. I also recently had a son and I love to play and hang out with him."

Q: What's your favorite holiday? Why?
A: "I really like Halloween. I grew up in the country and we didn't get trick-or-treaters. I also really like handing out candy, and I can't wait to take my son trick-or-treating."

Q: What's your favorite season? Why?
A: "I really like winter and I really enjoy the snow. I don't like being too hot and I moved from Iowa, so I like the cool weather."

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