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Children's Colorado Jr. Reporter interviews Sly Williams


ENGLEWOOD, Colo. —November 16th was a day to remember!

My VIP visit to the Broncos! Yes, the Broncos!

On November 16th, we had to leave Fairview earlier than expected. My heart was pounding and I cannot make my way to the car that fast even though I was so excited for the visit.

After one hour in the car, my mom and I arrived to the location. We were greeted like VIP people. My first impression was tinted with smiles and here I am at the Broncos Training Center in Englewood. We went from the field to the lockers and let's not forget the Treatment Injury Room. I also saw the shop of the Denver Broncos.

The field! The field! Orange and blue everywhere and on the walls the pictures of the top-notch Broncos players of all time. Finally, I was there. I run, I walk to each corner of the field, stepped on each letter of the Broncos team name, redid some movements that players do! I felt that I was Trevor Siemian and Peyton Manning all together. An indescribable feeling! Am I in a dream?

Then, I went inside their headquarters where they eat and I got a tour of their locker room where they go to play video games. Finally from a hallway we arrived to the field where actually the Broncos were practicing for the Sunday game. Many reporters were present to cover the event but the most important of all was me. I was the Junior reporter of the day and I am covering the Broncos Day through the article I am sharing with you today, YOU, THE BRONCOS FANS.

I had a media reporter badge, all my questions were ready, but I didn't know whom I would be interviewing. Then, after I watched their practice for a bit, I saw Coach Kubiak, the Head Coach of the Broncos, coming my way. Moment of truth! I shook his hand and he asked me "Who are you interviewing?" I said "Willams". Then when I started interviewing Sly Williams.

The Broncos hosted junior reporter John Nassif before Denver took on the New England Patriots. (Photos by Pete Ekland)

Von Miller walked up right beside "OMG VON MILLER!" I said. I didn't know what to do. I am surrounded by two of the best players who were tall, strong and had great senses of humor! Should I start my questions? I started asking Williams my 15 questions I had for him. He was very fun to speak to. He was straight to the point, I was able to ask him most of my questions.

One of the questions I asked was: "What are your values in life?" Williams said: "Life, friends,, family and God." I also asked him "What is your favorite food?" Williams said "Chicken wings". Von Miller stepped in and asked me to ask Williams: What kind of chicken ? Buffalo, Teryaki? We were all laughing. He end up choosing the "Rib-eye medium rare steak".

William confessed that all what he wanted to do in his life is to be a football player and that he cried when he joined the Broncos.

The best lesson I learned from him is when I asked him "What do you do if someone started a fight with you on the field? Williams replied " Walk away!" and Von Miller agreed.

Then, I got signed both of their autographs on a Broncos football that I now display in my room. At the end of the interview, I showed both my Broncos braces that I have been wearing since I was 3 years old. Van Miller bent down to see them closely and they both kind of discovered for the first time that Broncos can be everywhere even on a young's man braces when he has difficulty walking! Both of them touched my soul and my heart. I will never forget them!

Beyond what you see on the screens, the Broncos are not only great players but also outstanding human beings who are down to earth, enjoy life to the fullest and make people achieve their dreams like mine! Yes, it was a dream come true!

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