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Von Miller's favorite plays during his Broncos career

Every Broncos fan likely has a Von Miller sack or two that he or she likes more than the others. But have you ever wondered which plays the All-Pro pass rusher likes the most? In the first of a series that features some of the Broncos' longest-tenured players, we spoke with Miller to discover which five plays stand out in his mind. And while No. 1 may not surprise you, the rest of the plays are a nice trip down memory lane.

​5. Worth the wait

"My fifth-favorite play was my rookie season. My first sack. It was against Andy Dalton. I had a hard time getting it going, and I finally got it going."

​4. 'This is what I do now'

"No. 4 would have to be my sack against the Atlanta Falcons. I got a sack and I started dancing. It was Matt Ryan. And that was like, 'OK, yeah, this is what I do now.' I got to show a little personality and guys watched my sack dances like, 'Man, this guy's crazy.'"

​3. Breaking a game open

"No. 3 was the strip sack right after the half in 2015 against the Raiders. I just went around the corner and snatched it from Derek Carr. We were battling with those guys. We had come out after the half, and we really needed a play. It was the first drive, and I was able to get that sack."

​2. Bringing down Cam

"No. 2 would have to be a sack against Cam Newton, my second year in the league. He was the No. 1 pick and I was No. 2, and that was our first time playing each other. That's really where the rivalry started I guess."

​1. Super Bowl 50

"Everybody knows what No. 1 is, right? Both of the [strip sacks]. Both of them together."

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