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Mile High Morning: TE Greg Dulcich discusses goals for 2023 season and HC Sean Payton's offense


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Tight end Greg Dulcich has picked up steam as a breakout candidate this offseason, from both on-field and fantasy football perspectives. Dulcich, though, is looking to contribute any way he can and elevate the Broncos' performance in his second season.

In an interview with Bennett Durando of The Denver Post, Dulcich discussed his approach to the upcoming season.

"Regardless, I'm going to go out and play as well as I can," Dulcich told the Post. "Do what the team asks me to do. I think you can't get too caught up in, 'Yeah, breakout year,' and individual stuff."

Dulcich is one of four tight ends in an eclectic and talented group that includes Adam Trautman, Chris Manhertz and undrafted rookie Nate Adkins. Head Coach Sean Payton has indicated that Dulcich could see time in the “Joker” role to capitalize on his physical blocking style and playmaking ability in the receiving game.

To acclimate to the system, Dulcich has been watching game tape from past Payton offenses in New Orleans, along with his fellow tight ends.

"A lot of the film we end up watching is Saints film," Dulcich said. "The success that they've had in this offense obviously is off the charts. … In the tight end room, we watch all that stuff. You've gotta be able to obviously read coverages and understand defenses and know the soft spots in the zone (coverage) and also just fundamentally how to beat man."

Dulcich knows that even with the learning curve, expectations are high for this year's Broncos offense. Those adjustments have required him to bring a diligent approach to training camp and his role on the field.

"This offense has very high standards, because of the success they had (in New Orleans)," Dulcich said. "They know how this thing is supposed to go. So it's kind of on us to, I guess, pick things up and understand exactly what they want."

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