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Mile High Morning: NFL analyst Brian Baldinger breaks down major plays from Broncos' 'Sunday Night Football' victory

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The Broncos pulled out yet another close victory on Sunday, and they needed clutch performances from all three phases to edge the visiting Minnesota Vikings. While Head Coach Sean Payton saw room for improvement in the run defense and red-zone offense, Denver had plenty to celebrate on the field as well.

On Monday morning, NFL Network analyst Brian Baldinger highlighted several of the Broncos' standout plays from both sides of the ball. Baldinger broke down plays by quarterback Russell Wilson, running back Samaje Perine, wide receiver Courtland Sutton, guard Quinn Meinerz and cornerback Ja'Quan McMillian in his analysis of the game.

Baldinger started with the aspect of the game that Payton said made the difference: turnovers. During the game tape of cornerback Ja'Quan McMillian's fumble recovery and interception, he said McMillian has blossomed into a game-changer for the Broncos.

"All [McMillian] does is show up," Baldinger said. "All he does is show up and take the ball away or force a takeaway. ... This kid is turning this team around almost single-handedly. You can't stop talking about him!"

In his analysis of the Broncos' offense, Baldinger explored Denver's game-winning drive, which culminated in wide receiver Courtland Sutton's 15-yard touchdown reception.

Matched against rookie cornerback Mekhi Blackmon, Sutton used his frame and timing to secure his eighth touchdown catch of the season and give the Broncos the lead.

"You watch Russell — right in the eye of the storm — make this throw," Baldinger said. "Watch Courtland Sutton with his left foot right there. He jumps earlier than Blackmon does and higher, and he takes it away. The vertical leap, the size, all that matters."

Baldinger's final clip montage featured one of Denver's burgeoning stars in the trenches, guard Quinn Meinerz.

Already a source of viral blocks thanks to his performance against Buffalo, Meinerz continued his dominance in run and pass blocking in his matchups against the Vikings. Baldinger highlighted Meinerz’s form and football instincts as major assets to the Broncos' offense.

"Quinn Meinerz is playing some great football," Baldinger said. "[He is] a big part of their success right here for these Broncos here in the last month."

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