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Mile High Morning: Broncos assistant coach Emily Zaler reacts to Sarah Fuller's historic moment for Vanderbilt


The Lead

When Sarah Fuller made history on Saturday as the first woman to play in a Power-5 conference college football game, at least one Broncos coach made sure to watch.

"It's hard to put into words what her kick represented," Zaler told Wetzel. "It was more than a kick."

The visibility of Fuller's moment could have an important impact for years to come, Zaler said.

"The more they see it," Zaler said, "the more they believe."

Zaler is doing that in her own way, too. In her interview with Wetzel, Zaler recalled that when she would watch Arizona Cardinals games, she saw that there were almost never any women on the sidelines. Now she is helping change those ways that appeared for so long to be impossible.

Moving forward, Zaler told Wetzel that she also feels a duty to other women to help create more opportunities in sports.

"During the season, it's head down and focus on the task at hand," Zaler said. "There is also a responsibility for me and other women to do such a great job that we create opportunities for more women."

Below the Fold

In a normal season, you don't usually get many opportunities to see players on your practice squad play on Sundays. But this year, with weekly elevations and sometimes COVID-19 Replacement designations, the Broncos and other NFL teams have been able to give opportunities to young players who may not normally get the chance to play, as Kyle Newman details for The Denver Post.

Philly Will will be a Bronco again. Denver claimed Parks on Tuesday, though he'll have to go through the usual COVID-19 testing protocols before joining the team.

The Unclassifieds

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