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Emmanuel Sanders' favorite plays during his Broncos career


Every Broncos fan likely has a Emmanuel Sanders catch that he or she likes more than the others. But have you ever wondered which plays the speedy wide receiver likes the most? In the final article of a series that features some of the Broncos' longest-tenured players, we spoke with Sanders to discover which plays stand out in his mind.

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3. Super slippery

Sanders caught a short pass in Super Bowl 50 from Peyton Manning and eluded defenders for a 22-yard gain. Two plays before, Sanders had gained 25 yards on a pass up the middle. The receiver led all players with 83 yards and walked off the field with a Lombardi Trophy to his name.

2. Third time's the charm

In a 2014 game against the Chargers, Sanders set a career high with three touchdown catches. The last catch was a 3-yard reception off another Manning pass.

1. First and foremost

Even though it was a preseason game, Sanders said nothing stacks up to his first touchdown catch as a Bronco in a 2014 preseason contest against the Texans. In the regular season, Sanders has scored 22 times in his four seasons in Denver.

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