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Chris Harris Jr.'s favorite plays during his Broncos career


Every Broncos fan likely has a Chris Harris Jr. interception that he or she likes more than the others. But have you ever wondered which plays the All-Pro cornerback likes the most? In the second article of a series that features some of the Broncos' longest-tenured players, we spoke with Harris to discover which five plays stand out in his mind.

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5. Diving back

Week 13 at Miami, 2017

Interception vs. Jay Cutler

4. Remarkable in the rematch

Week 1 vs. Carolina, 2016

Fourth-quarter interception vs. Cam Newton

3. Twice as nice

Week 6 at San Diego, 2012

Two fourth-quarter interceptions, including a 46-yard interception return for a touchdown

2. All the way to the end zone

Week 14 at Baltimore, 2012

98-yard interception return for a touchdown

1. Quieting the Black Hole

Week 5 at Oakland, 2015

74-yard interception return for a touchdown