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The Pick Six: Denver Mayor Michael Hancock on what kind of mayor Von Miller would be

Before heading to Chicago Wednesday, the Broncos put in work to prepare for the Bears on the 11th day of training camp. (photos by Gabriel Christus unless noted)

1. Which Bronco on the current team would make the best mayor?

"I'll be honest with you. I think you've got people like Chris Harris [Jr.] I think Von Miller would make an awesome mayor."

2. What kind of mayor would Von Miller be?


"He'd be very inclusive. It's all about the ability to get people excited and get behind a vision and an objective, and I think Von Miller, quite frankly, can sell anything. And he can get people excited and move them forward. So I think he'd be a phenomenal mayor."

3. You were a part of the new Bud Light commercial for Terrell Davis' Hall of Fame induction. How cool was it to give him your Mile High Salute?

"Long overdue for Terrell. I was honored they asked me to be a part of it. I watched Terrell's entire career here, from the hit in Japan to his farewell, so I'm proud to a part of it. ... He deserves every bit of it."

4. We all know your first career, long before politics, was being Huddles, a Broncos mascot in the 1980s. So you may be a little biased, but why is Huddles better than Miles?

"Because he's Miles' dad. Dad is always better than the son. No, it was a great experience. I'll tell you Miles is much more agile and athletic than Huddles ever was. The uniforms are much better. They hire gymnasts now and his personality, quite frankly, exudes through the uniform. So he does a phenomenal job."

5. Did you bring this record crowd?

"Yeah, I brought seven thousand friends with me. They're coming to cheer on the Denver Broncos. It's an easy sell in our metro region, to come in and support the Broncos. Everybody is excited about this team."

6. You come to training camp every year, so you've seen that is very much a community gathering. What is it about the Broncos that are so important to the area?

"The Broncos are such an indelible part of who we are as a city, as a region and really as a state. So everyone feels a sense of ownership, and that's a powerful, powerful thing, when people feel like this is our team and you'll often hear fans talk about, 'That's our quarterback,' or, 'We need to not pay someone so much,' that sort of thing, as if they're the person writing the checks. But the fans take an ownership of this team and I think that's why you see so many people check on their team."

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