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Siemian Says: Turnovers the story of Broncos' loss to Giants


DENVER —** Amid problems in every phase, Trevor Siemian said the Broncos' 23-10 home loss to the Giants boiled down to one thing: turnovers.

He had two of Denver's three giveaways — first mistiming a throw to Demaryius Thomas and then miscalculating another intended for Bennie Fowler III.

"The turnovers, obviously — that's the story of the game, for us at least," Siemian said. "The first one, I just tried to anticipate D.T. rolling in there. I threw it early and [Landon Collins] made a play."

Photos by the Broncos' team photographers of Sunday night's game against the Giants. (photos by Gabriel Christus unless noted)

The throw likely resulted in lost points for the Broncos, who were at the New York 35-yard line.

On the second, Siemian explained, he tried to exploit a cornerback's zone-coverage responsibilities, but it didn't work.

"He squatted on it, obviously, and took it," Siemian said.

This one resulted in a 43-yard interception return that put the Giants up 17-3 late in the second half.

Each interception was painful, but the second added an element of physical pain as Siemian injured his left shoulder when he attempted a diving tackle right before Giants cornerback Janoris Jenkins crossed into the end zone.

"I tried to tackle the guy and that's certainly not my specialty," Siemian said. "I'm fine. Little sore, but I'm fine."

After the injury, trainers took Siemian into the locker room with about 48 seconds left in the first half, which brought backup quarterback Brock Osweiler into the game briefly and cast doubt on Siemian's return.

But the move was just precautionary, and immediately after the second half began, the team announced Siemian's injury wasn't serious enough to sideline him further. In the second half, Siemian threw for 228 of his 376 total passing yards as the Broncos chased the Giants' two-touchdown lead.

However, the Broncos' first-half problems remained, as did their deficit.

"We hurt ourselves," Siemian said. "I mean, we didn't score in the red zone, I turned it over, and it's tough to win that way. You're already playing a good team. You can't play against yourself as well."

Red-zone issues have considerably hampered the Broncos' offensive efforts since they started seven-of-nine in their first two games. Since Week 3, the Broncos have converted just two of 11 red-zone appearances into touchdowns.

"I think [in] the red zone, everything kind of squeezes down and you get two or three chances to make big plays down there and put it in," Siemian said. "And we were close, just didn't get it done."

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