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From the Pocket: The Broncos must be honest with themselves after loss to Patriots



DENVER — At the heart of Brock Osweiler's thoughts following Sunday's 41-16 loss to the Patriots were two questions. 

One was for the entire team: "Where can you improve to help this team get better?"

And one was for himself: "What can I do to help this football team win?"

A five-game losing streak brings those kinds of questions to the forefront as frustration mounts.

Osweiler addressed that first question by emphasizing that the Broncos cannot linger on those errors too long before shifting focus to the Bengals.

"I think the biggest thing we can do is come in tomorrow and be very honest with ourselves when we watch the tape," Osweiler said. "Be honest with yourself. Where can you improve to help this team get better? And then after that, you've got to push it to the side and you need to come to work Wednesday with a great attitude, with a laser focus on beating the Cincinnati Bengals."

Though Joseph said he'd have to look at the tape before deciding on the starting quarterback for the next game — just as he's done after the previous two games — Osweiler maintains his perspective will remain the same. And that helps Osweiler answer the second question.

"I'm not going to put any pressure on myself either way," Osweiler said. "I think you guys know every single week I'm going to give everything I have to this football team in my preparation, in my leadership and how I play the game. … Right now my focus is solely on winning football games. What can I do to help this football team win? And I think all that stuff will take care of itself down the road."

Osweiler saw some promising results on the game field on Sunday, as he connected with Emmanuel Sanders time and time again. In the first quarter, the pair connected for 82 yards and Osweiler threw for 93 yards total in the opening frame.

"Emmanuel's a stud," Osweiler said. "He's a big-time playmaker. The bigger the game, [the more] you're going to get the best out of Emmanuel. He did a tremendous job tonight. He got open, made my job really easy, throwing him the ball. I think he had good separation, and the majority of the time I was throwing to him, he just did a great job on the outside. But also credit the offensive line, because without those guys up there playing well, I don't have time to throw to Emmanuel."

But the frustration quickly mounted as mistakes in all three phases compounded upon one another throughout the game.

"I think everyone's frustrated right now," Osweiler said. "We've lost a lot of games in a row, and it's not from a lack of effort. I can tell you that. This football team comes to work with a great attitude every day. We focus in meetings, we work hard on the practice field. So to not see the results on the game field, it's very frustrating."

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