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From the Pocket: Trevor Siemian avoids turnovers and finds success


DENVER —** Playing turnover-free football isn't as simple as thinking it into existence.

That's not how Siemian approached Sunday's 23-0 win over the Jets, but that's how he emerged from it, throwing for 200 yards and one touchdown with no interceptions or fumbles.

"You don't really ever go into a game saying, 'I'm not going to turn it over. I'm not going to get strip-sacked,'" Siemian said. "You just say, 'I'm going to have a good, smart process about everything.' There's going to be times in the game you're smart, but you're aggressive at the same time. There's been a couple times this year when I've been stupid and aggressive, which you can't be. So you kind of want to have a good process.

Photos from game action against the Jets in Week 14 of the 2017 season. (Photos by Gabriel Christus unless noted)

"This is the NFL. You're going have bad breaks every once in a while. You're going to have good breaks every now and then. You just want to feel good about making good decisions and trusting what you see."

Through that process, Siemian came away with his first game without a turnover since a Week 4 win over the Raiders.

And that trust in his vision also produced the Broncos' first touchdown of the day, a 20-yard heave to Demaryius Thomas, who shrugged off pass interference from cornerback Morris Claiborne for the catch in the end zone.

"I think we just felt like the last couple weeks, we haven't challenged people with the ball enough," Siemian said. "Even last week against Miami, it felt like we weren't challenging people down the field. With the guys we have, we've got to be able to do that. Everything kind of goes along with that. With these guys, we knew there was a lot of contested catches, tough catches and tough throws, but we had to get some big ones. He stepped up, man — big time."

From there, Siemian helped keep the offense moving as the defense pinned the Jets in their own territory, save for two drives. Meanwhile, Jordan Taylor averaged 12.4 yards per punt return. Combined, their efforts meant the offense's average starting position was the Denver 40-yard line.

"That was good field position all game," Siemian said. "[Taylor] made some plays. I think he averaged like 12 yards a return. You can't say enough about what that does for an offense when you get to start around the 50. You can't really say how much that matters."

Now as the focus turns toward a short week of preparation ahead of the Broncos' Thursday-night matchup with the Colts, Siemian hopes they can keep up the success they had Sunday at Sports Authority Field at Mile High.

"I think you hear a lot of guys upset about the Thursday games, but in our case, this is perfect — our first win in, it feels like, 100 years and we get to hopefully carry some momentum going into Thursday," Siemian said. "I think it sets up pretty nicely for us."

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