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Siemian Says: Turnovers made for missed opportunities vs. Bills


ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. —** For Trevor Siemian, what hurt most about the Broncos' 26-16 loss to Buffalo wasn't just his two interceptions. It was also where they occurred.

The first hurt because it set the Bills up on the Broncos 32-yard line with a great scoring opportunity, though the Broncos defense would prevent Buffalo from capitalizing. The second hurt because it halted a promising drive just 24 yards from the goal line.

"You can't do that at home, much less on the road," Siemian said. "The two turnovers, they obviously hurt you. You never know what happens, but the defense bailed us out one time, but I felt good about getting points there if I don't turn it over. So I've got to clean that up."

With the Broncos trailing by only one score in each of those situations, Siemian said he and the offense left opportunities on the field.

"I just felt like we had a couple opportunities to get some momentum," Siemian said. "A couple plays throughout the game, and we just never really got it going."

All week, Siemian and the Broncos faced questions about the strength of Buffalo's defensive front, but it wasn't just that group of Bills defenders that came up big.

"I always say it doesn't really matter what coverage you play when you have a good front and get pressure, but they did a great job mixing up looks, a lot of different things," Siemian said. "They started running some man coverage. When they played zone, they played it the right way; they knew where all their help was. And that front comes and gets you, so they're tough to deal with."

The secondary added two picks to the front's three sacks, making for a difficult and disappointing day.

"Obviously the turnovers hurt and you're kind of screwing your defense there," Siemian said. "So I'd like to do those back, but again, our defense bailed us out plenty of times. We just didn't get it done."

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