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Short turnaround for Thursday game shifts preparation focus


ENGLEWOOD, Colo. —** The closing moments of the Broncos' win over Baltimore were thrilling, but any celebratory thoughts will not be able to linger with the quick turnaround for Thursday night's game.

There's certainly a challenge in preparing to face another team in a shorter window, but some of the focus shifts to recovery and mental preparation, something with which left guard Evan Mathis agrees.

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"It allows you to put a lot more emphasis on the mental aspect of the game because you're going to back off physically," Mathis said. "You're going to not do as much pounding because you have to focus on recovering from Sunday's game. If you're able to put all of your work into the mental aspect of the game, it's ample time to have a solid game plan and know everything about your opponent by Thursday."

After a tough game on both sides of the ball—as to be expected against the Ravens—the Broncos will need the time to ready themselves physically and mentally.

"We're beat up," Head Coach Gary Kubiak said. "That was a physical game yesterday. It's hard for guys to recover in this league. You don't practice for a couple days after you play and now we're playing very quickly. It's also something as a pro you've kind of got to get used to."

Safety David Bruton Jr., recovering from a leg injury he suffered late in Sunday's game, said that the process is nothing new and matches rest with work in the meeting rooms.

"It's a lot of work in the classroom, a lot of work outside of the facility," Bruton said. "So we'll stay on top of it because obviously we need some rest these next three days. Coach Kubs [Head Coach Gary Kubiak] will take great care of us body-wise. We're going to be ready to go."

However, this challenge isn't limited to just the Broncos; the Chiefs are also coming off a Sunday game and face the same time constraints.

"I think that it's a challenge for both teams playing on Thursday," OLB DeMarcus Ware said. "We both have a short turnaround, so we just have to think about who wants it the most and how fast we can recover. That's why I'm about to go to a little bit of treatment right now and get ready for Thursday."

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