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QB Drew Lock picking up offense '10 times as quick' as virtual offseason continues

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — When Drew Lock tried to learn an NFL offense for the first time, he logged hours and hours in front of a hotel mirror as he recited play calls during his rookie training camp.

Things are a little different the second time around.

"I think this being my second year is benefiting me in a lot of ways I didn't necessarily expect, as far as learning a new offense," Lock said Tuesday. "There's similar carry-over from the last one to where you can pocket that. You don't necessarily have to study that as much because you've kind of already got that mindset down and know what they're talking about as far as older stuff. But even the newer stuff I'm getting taught, it's easier for me to learn because I've found the way that fits me best, as far as learning a new offense goes. Picking this one up has happened a little [faster] — I'd say, 10 times as quick as I did the first time."

And as he learns Offensive Coordinator Pat Shurmur's system, he's swapped the mirror for his dad.

"It's more so Andy reading them out to me," said Lock with a laugh. "Because I didn't want Dalton Risner reading me the plays. I'd rather him just stick to knowing what two and three jet was … that kind of deal. As far as Andy reading them out loud to me, he's doing a good job. I had to teach him some rhythm on how to call plays, because it was pretty choppy at first. I think we've got it down to an art now."

The offensive installation is being done virtually as NFL facilities remained closed due to COVID-19, but Lock is seeing the first pieces of a scheme from Shurmur and Quarterbacks Coach Mike Shula that emphasizes earning chunk plays. Only five teams in the NFL had more passing plays of at least 20 yards than Shurmur's Giants over the last two seasons.

"I think with this offense, there's definitely more of the possibility on just regular downs, not actually full play-action throw it deep, there's more opportunities for us to press the ball downfield, which I think definitely plays into my strength and will play into the receivers' [strengths] that we have on this team now — strength, being able to fly down the field and just giving me options to change a curl route to a go route if we get man [coverage]," Lock said. "Just certain things like that to where I think we'll be able to press the ball downfield [more] than what we did last year."

Lock, though, knows that the additions of Jerry Jeudy, KJ Hamler, Melvin Gordon, Graham Glasgow and a new scheme won't matter much if the team doesn't put in the work.

"I'm super pumped about the guys that we added to the squad," Lock said. "… Melvin and Graham, two experienced players to help this offense, start rolling early when the season starts, and then you talk about the guys we picked up in the draft. A bunch of young, extremely, extremely talented players, but at the same time I thought of myself as an extremely talented player coming into it, and it took some time for me to adjust. When those guys — they've got their iPads now, they eventually are going to get out to Denver, whenever that is, and we're going to hit the field.

"We've just got to be ready to prepare. Nothing's in fine ink right now as far as wins and losses just because of people we drafted. We've got a lot of work to do and put together, and hopefully we'll be on our 'A' game every single Sunday."

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