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Power rankings roundup, Week 11

The Broncos' current average ranking among these publications is about 23rd overall.

Current rank: No. 22
Last week: No. 21

The Broncos have allowed 92 points the past two weeks. The quarterback situation is a mess, the special teams are a mess, and the defense -- which was supposed to be a strength -- is in disarray as a result.

Sports Illustrated/The MMQB

Current rank: No. 21
Last week: No. 22

USA Today

Current rank: No. 25
Last week: No. 20

Just when you thought Denver had hit rock bottom, the special teams suffer a near-complete breakdown to extend losing skid to five games.

Yahoo! Sports, Frank Schwab

Current rank: 23
Last week: 22

Bleacher Report, Chris Simms

Current rank: No. 24
Last week: No. 23

Until the Broncos clean up their miscues, they're not capable of winning. The defense is still an effective unit, but its confidence has to be shaken by what's happened the last couple of weeks. Even when the defense is playing with confidence, it hasn't been enough.

Washington Post, Mark Maske

Current rank: No. 29
Last week: No. 28

The QB issue is big. But it's not the only issue. This Broncos team is simply falling apart., Elliot Harrison

Current rank: No. 22
Last week: No. 22

Tough going these days for the Broncos, especially in the area of football that people don't like to delve into much: special teams. The kick coverage, punt team and general kicking-game organization failed Sunday night. The most frustrating error had to be the penalty for having 12 men on the field when the Broncos stopped the Patriots on third-and-4 early in the fourth quarter. Down 34-16, Vance Joseph's group still could have made a game out of it. That -- and turnovers on the wrong side of the field -- continue to plague this team.

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