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Peyton Manning satisfied with retirement, no career moves imminent

DENVER — After an offseason of rumors about Peyton Manning's next career move, the former Broncos quarterback clarified Wednesday that he isn't making an imminent move to a TV network or NFL team's front office.

But he started with a joke.

"I'm waiting for an offer from [Denver] for some type of an internship or consultant, but nothing's coming my way," Manning joked at his Colorado Sports Hall of Fame induction. "I'm unemployed, I've got a couple of ads in the paper looking for a job."

Follow along through Peyton Manning's night at the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame's induction banquet, from photos with fans to catching up with his Broncos family. (Photos by Ben Swanson unless noted)

Manning turned serious, though, when he reflected on the newfound freedom he's had since he retired following a Super Bowl 50 win in February 2015.

"Look, I have enjoyed doing some different things that I never have had a chance to do," Manning said. "I still feel busy and still feel stimulated doing these things and obviously have a little bit more control over my time, which is important. I really have enjoyed these last two-and-a-half years."

That doesn't mean the five-time MVP has left the game behind.

He's attended a number of Broncos games over the past two seasons and also keeps tabs on his brother Eli's Giants and his alma mater, the Tennessee Volunteers.

"I stay close to it," Manning said. "I'm certainly a fan, an ambassador — do some work with Riddell helmets, which keeps me close to it — and I still have a lot of friends in the league. Obviously I keep up with Eli."

Whether any of those current ventures turn into a full-time position remains to be seen.

"Who knows? I still listen to some opportunities," Manning said. "If I take a job, I'm sure you'll probably hear about it somewhere along the way."

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