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Opponents' perspective on Broncos' coaching staff

The Broncos coaching staff will see many new faces as they head into the 2017. Head Coach Vance Joseph will take over the reins and has a host of new coordinators and assistants by his side. At the Pro Bowl this week, caught up with players who have learned under a few of the Broncos' new coaches.

Head Coach Vance Joseph heads to Denver after a one-year stint with the Dolphins as defensive coordinator. Joseph previously served as a defensive backs coach for the Cincinnati Bengals.

Miami defensive end Cameron Wake:

"Well, obviously, I really enjoyed my time I spent with him. He's a tremendous football mind. … The thing that made him successful, in my opinion, was his ability to use the tools, the players in the situations, for whatever he needed. If he needed a nail, he used a nail. If he needed a hammer, he used a hammer. We had a lot of different personnel, so we moved things around, put guys in position to make plays. And, each guy had an opportunity to be at the point of attack. Whether it was corners blitzing off the edge, linebackers blitzing up the middle and obviously [defensive] ends and nose tackles getting after the quarterback. He definitely used the guys that we had to our best skill set. I think everybody appreciated that, because we had fun and we got the opportunity to make big plays."

"Obviously being a former player, a guy who's been on the field, [he's] been in the trenches. He's a guy that knows what it's like to be on this side. He knows what it's like to sit in our seats. He's not so far removed. He's not ancient. He knows, more or less, what we're going through and what we're dealing with. When you can tell a player, 'Listen, this is how you do something.' … [we know] he's done that, and [he hasn't] just read it in a book or seen it on television. He knows what it's like to have postgame aches and pains. He knows what it's like on Wednesday at practice. [He's] able to relate to players and also point us in the right"

Incoming Offensive Coordinator Mike McCoy just finished a head-coaching gig with the San Diego Chargers where he directed Pro Bowl quarterback Philip Rivers. Though he was relieved of his duties at the end of the season, McCoy will return to Denver where he enjoyed so much success with the Broncos and former quarterback Peyton Manning.


Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers:*

"He was good. Mike was good, He had a vision of how he wanted to do things, and guys bought in. He was very respectful of what we'd done in the past. We were in the playoffs his first year, we missed it by a game his second year and then unfortunately, for a lot of reasons — injuries, turnovers — we didn't have the years we wanted to have. 

"But he's a good coach. Good man. I know Denver's probably fired up to get him back."

Broncos Special Teams Coordinator Brock Olivo joins the Denver Broncos after three seasons in Kansas City. While there, he helped direct the Chiefs' elite special teams unit.

Chiefs Special Teams Coordinator Dave Toub: 

"Brock is ready to go. I mean, he was my assistant for three years. He's gotten better and better over the years and he's just [a guy] with attention to detail. He can relate to the players. He's been there, done that. He's covered kicks. He's played at the highest level that you can play. So immediately he's going to have instant credibility when he walks in the room. I think that's important. But his attention to detail, I think, is the thing that the players are going to like the most. He's going to get players to play hard, and that's really going to help Denver."

Pro Bowl returner Tyreek Hill:

"I think Brock does a good job of fundamentals: breaking down the film and just teaching hard work and work ethic. The Denver Broncos couldn't have gotten a better hire than [with] Brock."

"He helped me a lot. Whether it was catching punts, reading gunners or all those good things. Brock did a good job."

The scene in Orlando for Pro Bowl practices was full of sun and fun for the Broncos' six Pro Bowlers. (Photos by Ben Swanson)

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