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Open competition at quarterback kicks off

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. —The Broncos' offseason program began Monday, and with it, the competition for the starting quarterback position also kicked off.

"It is open, guys — 50-50," Joseph said. "It is an open competition. We've got these two young guys that [have] got bright futures. It's open and it's going to go down to the wire, I hope. Right now it's a new system that's going into place here with [Offensive Coordinator] Mike McCoy. It's a fair, open competition and the best guy's going to play."

The Broncos are back at UCHealth Training Center to prepare for the 2017 season, beginning their offseason workout program. (photos by Ben Swanson)

Though the team is going into the program with the position up for grabs, Joseph emphasized that the process of creating a new offense at this time is not dependent on knowing the Broncos' eventual starter.

"I think the structure of your offense won't change," Joseph said. "That would come into play more when the game-planning stuff starts in the fall. But right now, the overall structure won't change whether it's Trevor [Siemian] or Paxton [Lynch] playing the quarterback position for us right now. It's Mike's basic offense, basic route tree, basic run game that's going in, so that won't change until the fall."

Joseph touched on each quarterback's standing as they begin preparation for the season, noting Siemian's health following his recovery from shoulder surgery and Lynch's potential for growth in his second offseason.

"Paxton was obviously a first-round pick for a reason," Joseph said. "He's a big guy with a big arm. He's very athletic. I think playing that position, it's about the decision-making, and if he does those things better, he has a chance to compete to be our starting quarterback."

The opportunity for Siemian and Lynch lies ahead each player, and every meeting, rep and day counts.

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