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NFL replaces Rookie Symposium with expanded Rookie Transition Program

In the NFL's continuing effort to ensure new players have the best opportunity to have a smooth transition to the league, the Rookie Transition Program will replace the Rookie Symposium that previously hosted drafted rookies from all 32 teams.

The new change announced Tuesday expands the program to welcome undrafted players, not just drafted rookies, to receive vital information to have a successful beginning to their careers. Also, rather than one single location and a single program, teams will host their own orientations at their facilities.

The format allows teams to incorporate elements of each team's history and alumni if they so choose.

"Our goal is to onboard every NFL rookie with the best resources and practices for a successful playing experience both on and off the field," said NFL Vice President of Player Engagement Charles Way. "By shifting the model to the clubs from a centrally located program exclusive to drafted rookies, we can reach all of our rookies, introduce them to resources in their community, and afford them the experience from active and former players at their club who successfully transitioned into the NFL."

There are mandatory topics that each team must address in their programs—social responsibility, respect at work, mental health, character and values, and player engagement resources—but there are also things like player health and safety, reviewing player policies and resources, working with news media in the age of social media, financial education and playing rules changes from college to the pros that will be involved.

The program will be uniform across the league, to be agreed upon by NFL Player Engagement staff.

AFC rookies will go through the program from June 22-24, and NFC rookies will have theirs from June 20-22.

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