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NFL Network analysts weigh in on Broncos' fifth-pick 'dilemma'

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — When the Broncos are put on the clock on Thursday, April 26, John Elway will face a question that could shape the future of the franchise for the next decade.

To pick a quarterback or not to pick a quarterback?

NFL Network analysts Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks weighed in Wednesday on that question, which has been a central theme of the Broncos' offseason even after they added Case Keenum in free agency.

"Well, I think it comes down to your internal evaluation of what you have at the quarterback position," Jeremiah said. "If you think you can get Case Keenum to play at the level he played at last year … if you believe he can sustain that level of play, then I believe you can address some other positions. That's just the challenge that you have inside that building, is where your comfort level is with him.

"There's an impact player they can get right there, that they can plug in, and if they get solid quarterback play, they're right back in the postseason next year."

Jeremiah added that if he were making the pick, it would "be tempting to me" to select a position player, particularly because the Broncos' options will be determined by the four picks ahead of them.

"At [No.] 5, they could very well miss out on three and potentially even all four of the top quarterbacks the way this could come off the board."

Brooks agreed with Jeremiah that the Broncos would be best suited to select a position player, and he said he believes they should use the pick to help their defense.

"I think where their roster currently rests, they need to get an impact player right now," Broooks said. "The defense is coming back to the pack in terms of their level of dominance, so … you want to spark that up."

Brooks identified a pass rusher and cover corner as two potential needs for Denver.

With the addition of an impact player at one of those positions, the Broncos would be back in position to win in a fashion similar to the one they used to win Super Bowl 50, Brooks said.

"I don't know if it's imperative that they need to upgrade [the quarterback] position," Brooks said, "but I do know if they're going to play like that, they have to make sure that the other pieces of the puzzle are outstanding."

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