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Mile High Morning: WR Courtland Sutton breaks down his one-handed catch, competition against defensive backs

The Lead

Wide receiver Courtland Sutton drew a big cheer from the thousands of Broncos fans at Tuesday's training camp practice, snagging a deep pass from quarterback Russell Wilson with a single hand. For Sutton, the artistry of the catch was more out of necessity than a desire for a highlight-reel play.

"[I] had to work good technique, going against a top-one corner in the league — I get to work against the best," Sutton said in an interview with NFL Network. "I had to work my technique, and Russ gave me the opportunity to go make a play and just find a way to come down with it. Two hands, one hand, whatever it may be, you just have got to be the one to come down with the ball."

While Sutton's catch may be difficult to replicate, the electric back-and-forth between the Broncos' receivers and the stout secondary has been constant.

It's not only the receivers and tight ends who have been making plays. Safety Justin Simmons recorded interceptions on back-to-back days, and safety Caden Sterns had a highlight of his own with a diving interception off a deflection. That doesn't even include cornerback Pat Surtain II, who is one of the team's leaders in his third year.

Sutton said getting to line up across from players like Simmons and Surtain has brought out the best in him.

"For us, being able to go against one of the best defenses in the league, it's awesome," Sutton said. "To be able to have those one-on-one reps, it does bring that competition into play. Everybody knows that the O-line and D-line have their thing, but receivers and [defensive backs], especially during training camp, it's a good battle that gets to happen. For us to have those one-on-one reps, it's a great time for us to put in some good work."

In addition to the matchups between the wide receivers and defensive backs, Sutton said he's seen competition continue to sharpen each position group across training camp.

"It's been great competition from every aspect of the game, from the trenches to the back," Sutton said. "Everyone is up there and trying to make each other better."

Below the Fold

After Head Coach Sean Payton confirmed Tuesday that wide receiver Tim Patrick suffered a torn Achilles, Patrick's teammates expressed their support for Patrick despite the setback.

"All we can do is be there for him, encourage him, lift him up," Sutton said. "The person that he is, it's hard to replace that. He's a great guy, we're definitely going to miss him on the field. We're lifting him up through the rest of this season."

Left tackle Garett Bolles lived with Patrick at the start of his career and said he wants Patrick to known that the team is with him and rooting for him in his journey.

"Man, it's tough," Bolles said. "I love Tim. I'm super, super close with him. He's like a brother."

Through their friendship, Bolles has learned about Patrick's character and response to adversity and has confidence Patrick will rebound from the injury.

"Seeing a guy like that go down like that last year, and now within almost a year of each other, it's a heartbreaking thing," Bolles said. "But knowing him, I know that he's a fighter, he's a dog. Losing a guy like that on offense is tough, but I know he's going to come back and be that much stronger."

In his NFL Network interview, Sutton highlighted Patrick's resolve and gave a request to the Broncos' community.

"Send him some love and some support," Sutton said. "Let him know that he's not doing this by himself."

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