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Mile High Morning: Why Terrell Davis believes Melvin Gordon only scratched the surface as a Charger


The Lead

Not long after John Elway joined a conference call with Head Coach Vic Fangio on Tuesday morning to speak with NFL media, his former teammate in the backfield, Terrell Davis, went on a call of his own to answer questions about the Broncos' offseason moves.

On The Rich Eisen Show, the questions Davis faced centered on just one position, naturally: running back.

The Hall of Fame running back offered some particularly interesting thoughts on the Broncos' signing of Melvin Gordon III, who Davis believes can be even better than what he showed in San Diego and Los Angeles.

"I've watched him the last five years in San Diego/LA — and I feel like the Broncos think they can get more out of him, and I think he would agree," Davis said. "You know, he had the one year over a thousand yards, he had the two Pro Bowls, but as you watch him, you feel like, man, there's more there. There's something that's not being … he's got more than what he's showing you on the field. And I believe that's why John Elway brought him in, because they feel like they can really maximize and get the most out of Melvin Gordon."

As Gordon enters the fold, the focus now turns to how he'll fit alongside Phillip Lindsay. Davis' belief is that Gordon might get the lion's share of the carries.

"[Gordon]'s going to be probably the guy they use on first and second down to wear a defense out between the tackles, and he's got soft hands, he can catch the ball well. So, they've got two guys they can certainly use," Davis said. "I would imagine it'll probably be Melvin getting the majority of the carries or touches and Phil kind of being the complimentary guy."

At this point, exactly what their roles may be will only materialize with time. But Davis understands what Lindsay's mindset is as they prepare to compete.

"But I did read something that Phillip said he's not going to sit there and let Melvin come in here and just take the job," Davis said. "He's going to fight for it, and he's scrappy like that. I think people think that when you say that, that [means] you don't like the person coming in. No, that's just a competitor. He feels like when you bring somebody in, then I need to go ahead and step my game up and make sure that person doesn't get my job."

Below the Fold

Elway and Fangio also touched on the topic during their call, and it sounded like they aren’t too concerned either: "The discussions we had with it, we thought it was important to have two really good backs," Elway said. "In landing Melvin, we thought it was a good combination with Phillip."

In non-Broncos news, the NFL is expanding its playoff field from 12 teams to 14, adding one more team from each conference. ESPN’s Aaron Schatz took a look at what the best 7-seeds would have been if the change had been made in 1990. One Broncos team, the 2002 squad that featured a rookie Clinton Portis, made the cut (or would have) with a 9-7 record.

Dalton Risner penned an entry in The Players’ Tribune’s new series “The Iso,” in which he reflected on how he's dealing with staying at home and shared his thoughts on how those less fortunate than him may be facing much more difficult challenges at this time.

And here's your daily podcast update: New Broncos cornerback A.J. Bouye joined NFL Network's Ian Rapoport on his show, RapSheet and Friends.

The Unclassifieds

In this section, we dove into the social media world to find some of the most interesting, funny or otherwise entertaining posts from our players or other people about the Broncos.

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