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Mile High Morning: Why Kareem Jackson believes Broncos can do 'special things' in 2023

The Lead

When Kareem Jackson signed back with the Broncos in May, his decision was three-fold.

It was an opportunity to rejoin his teammates. It was a chance to help the Broncos reverse their fortunes. And it was a way to work with one of the best minds in the game.

"I think a lot of it was [being part of a turnaround], and obviously the group of men that we have here," Jackson said Thursday. "This DB group, [Defensive Backs] Coach Christian [Parker] and obviously having a relationship with Coach VJ [Defensive Coordinator Vance Joseph], as well. A lot of it was that, and … [I] just wanted to be a part of something special. I think we've got a great group of guys here that we can go do that this year. Obviously [Head] Coach Sean [Payton] being here, as well, and having a ton of conversations with him before I decided to sign back. Just knowing what he's all about, just seeing what he's done throughout his career in the NFL, obviously with New Orleans and the games that they've been able to win and winning a Super Bowl and things like that, I know he has the vision. He's capable of directing and leading a team there. That was a huge part of it."

Jackson said with the current core of players and Payton's arrival, he believes the team "can do some special things this year" in Denver.

"Obviously we have the guys now that we had last year, and I think the biggest difference now is obviously having a different coaching staff and having Coach Sean here," Jackson said. "It's no disrespect to any of my other coaches that I've been around, but I haven't been around a football mind like that in my career. Just his attention to detail, the way he's teaching everybody and taking chances on the field to stop things and coaching moments. The younger guys may not understand it now, but later on in their career, they'll appreciate that. … Some of the things he's doing now, I haven't been able to experience.

"With having him, I think we can do some special things."

Below the Fold

After dealing with a nagging hamstring injury in 2022, tight end Greg Dulcich said he's had an added focus on strength and conditioning to maximize his ability to be healthy during the upcoming season.

"That's definitely been a huge part of my offseason," Dulcich said, "even since January, just making sure I can be more flexible to try to limit injuries and trying to get into a better routine to make sure my body's all good."

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