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Mile High Morning: Von Miller joins TODAY show to discuss his COVID-19 diagnosis


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A day after sharing that he had tested positive for COVID-19, Von Miller joined Sheinelle Jones on the third hour of NBC’s TODAY show to discuss his diagnosis.

It started with a cough, he said.

Miller, who regularly manages his asthma with a nebulizer before football games and practices, tried to use it to alleviate his symptoms, but it had no effect. After consulting with his assistant, she urged him to get a test for the novel coronavirus.

Two days later, his doctor called him with the results.

"I was shocked," Miller said. "We've been taking this serious since Day 1. I started in San Francisco, training where I normally train, and San Francisco was one of the first cities that had a stay-at-home order. Right when San Francisco had the stay-at-home order, we [made] the decision to come back to Denver. I've been in Denver for about four weeks now, and within that four weeks, I've probably left the house four times. With all of those, I never got out of the car. It's just to drive and pick up food and come home. So I've really just been taking it serious, staying at home."

Miller sounded unsure of how he might have gotten the disease, but he did say that a handful of people had been in his house recently — workers like plumbers or housekeepers — "but it was really nothing crazy. But I coughed and here we are today."

Thankfully, it appears Miller has only had mild symptoms from the disease and is now recovering at home.

"I'm feeling better," he said. "It all started with just a simple cough, and then it got worse."

Miller, the first member of the Broncos organization to contract the disease, chose to share his diagnosis to emphasize that the coronavirus can affect anyone, as the team noted in a statement.

So when asked about his thoughts on how the NFL might begin their season this fall depending on the circumstances, Miller had just one stipulation.

"Whatever's safe," Miller said. "That will always be my first precaution: to do whatever is safe. Whatever we have to do to get things back to normal, that's what we should do. We shouldn't move too fast, just do whatever's safe."

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