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Mile High Morning: The story behind the Denver Broncos clock in 'Back to the Future'


The Lead

In "Back to the Future," it is immediately apparent that scientist Doc Brown is obsessed with time.

In the opening scene, the camera moves through Brown's garage, passing over dozens of clocks of all kinds, including one Denver Broncos-themed alarm clock — which has caused fans to wonder for years if the character who invented the flux capacitor that powered the famous time-traveling DeLorean was also a loyal Broncos fan.

To celebrate Back to the Future Day on Wednesday (because Oct. 21 was the date protagonist Marty McFly originally traveled to in the past), one of the film's two screenwriters spoke with The Hollywood Reporter to shed some light on the clock selections.

Though his answer may not provide many for Broncos fans, screenwriter and producer Bob Gale is happy to leave the question open-ended.

"It was just something the set dressers or props people found, it was interesting so we put it in the movie," Gale said. "Is Doc a football fan or a Broncos fan? We know he's a baseball fan, so he could be a football fan. Or maybe he acquired it on a trip to Denver. We know he's not from Denver, but maybe his mother was (his father, remember, was German and originally Von Braun). Clearly, we can invent many backstories out of a single prop, so in honor of BTTF day, I encourage readers to submit their own reasons why Doc would have this clock!"

Below the Fold

Brandon McManus' two consecutive AFC Special Teams Player of the Week selections indicate something important, The Denver Post's Sean Keeler writes: "Brandon McManus is the best kicker in the NFL right now and it's not even close." And more than that, McManus' play may just be pivotal for the Broncos' playoff chances.

The Chiefs' offense is still king in the NFL, but in the AFC West, every team is trying to catch up to them. This past offseason, the Broncos and Raiders each made big moves to improve their offenses and add speed. Asked about Denver's new-look offense, Kansas City head coach Andy Reid was complimentary: "They're growing with the offense. They're blessed to have good skill people and they've got a good quarterback and offensive line."

The Unclassifieds

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