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Mile High Morning: The football world congratulates Demaryius Thomas on his retirement from the NFL


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With Demaryius Thomas' announcement of his retirement from the NFL on Monday, many of his former teammates, coaches and media members took the time to share their favorite memories of him and to congratulate him on a great career.

Here's a rundown of some of the most notable messages with some quotes from each:

Peyton Manning, former Broncos QB (2012-15)

"It was an honor and a privilege to play with you, to be your teammate," Hall of Famer Peyton Manning said. "I always had great respect for your toughness, your work ethic, your fearlessness across the middle, your ability to make big catches in big games. I never played with anybody as big and strong and powerful and fast as you."

Champ Bailey, former Broncos CB (2004-13)

"You did what you had to do from the day you showed up. I know it wasn't easy coming in the door with some injuries, dealing with some adversity early on. It could be very discouraging. But you showed your perseverance and showed what these south Georgia boys are all about."

DeMarcus Ware, former Broncos OLB (2014-16)

"Congratulations on retiring a Bronco. It was amazing winning Super Bowl 50 together, but we had a more amazing time in Africa, just building that brotherhood, man. I just want to say congratulations again … and enjoy your day."

Tim Tebow, former Broncos quarterback (2010-11)

"Every day I enjoyed practicing with you, playing with you, being your teammate, being your brother. I'm so grateful for you, grateful to come in at the same time as you, learn with you, grind with you, be able to have a lot of ups and downs. But, man, I just want you to know you're someone I always trusted, looked up to, loved playing with. I consider you a friend, a brother, a great teammate. I'm so proud of you, everything you've accomplished, your hard work, your dedication, your passion to the game, but also the type of person you were. I loved always just being around you, being with you. You made other people's lives better because they were in your presence, and I think that is really cool."

Brian Dawkins, former Broncos safety (2009-11)

"You are a primary example of somebody that comes into the league one way and leaves it an absolute different way. Coming in and having to run scout team tight end for a couple of years, right? But then changing the way your mindset [is] and then changing everybody's opinion of you, of the player that you are, yes, but also the person, of the things that you persevered through in your life."

Gary Kubiak, former Broncos head coach (2015-16)

"I just wanted to reach out and say how proud I am of you and your career — as a person, as a player. I have been very privileged to coach some of the great receivers in football in Jerry Rice, Andre Johnson, the great Rod Smith right there in Denver, and to have the opportunity to be with you for two years and one of those being a championship year means a great deal to me. I wish you all the best. You're a great player and you're a great Bronco."

John Fox, former Broncos head coach (2011-14)

"Congratulations, my man, on a great career that I was very well blessed to be a part of. It doesn't seem like almost 10 years ago. We were in Mile High, it was the first play of overtime, and who but the great D.T, cuts across the middle and goes 80 yards for a touchdown pass to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in overtime with a walk-off touchdown. God bless you, my man, and congratulations. The Fox family wishes you all the best."

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