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Mile High Morning: Steve Atwater, Bradley Chubb help Broncos extend first step toward greater presence in Mexico


The Lead

When the NFL announced in December that the Broncos had been selected as one of nine teams to receive an International Home Market Area (IHMA), representatives from Denver promised to increase their footprint south of the border to reach out to their growing fan base.

Over the weekend, we got to see our first glimpse at the team's efforts, as Hall of Fame former safety Steve Atwater and current outside linebacker Bradley Chubb joined Senior Vice President of Strategy Brittany Bowlen and Senior Manager of Fan Development Marisol Villagomez for a trip to Mexico City.

For Atwater, who once played in an American Bowl exhibition game with the Broncos in Mexico City in 1997, the visit reminded him of that time.

"This is a very heartwarming experience," Atwater said. "My memory from 1997 when we played the game was just the warmth we felt from the fans, and it was everywhere we went. When we went to restaurants, people wanted to take pictures with us. When we were out on the streets, people were giving us high fives all over the place. I would imagine that has grown tremendously since 1997. … Everyone in the Mexican community has shown us a ton of love and we want to show that same love back to you."

For this excursion, Atwater and Chubb took part in press conferences and met fans at Parque Vía Vallejo to sign autographs and take photos.

And even though Chubb hasn't played a game in Mexico like Atwater has, he still has been able to feel the love.

"It'd be fun to have a chance to play out in Mexico in the future — either a training camp or game or something," Chubb said. "I hear a lot of stories about the fan base out here, and I want to bring that same energy and allow you guys to watch us play, cheer us on and get the high fives that Steve and those guys were getting back in 1997. I'm excited for the opportunity and I'm grateful to be here."

Below the Fold

Dave Logan, the voice of the Denver Broncos on KOA, the team's radio partner, gathered a new accolade in his other role as an outstanding high school football coach. Since starting his coaching career in 1993, Logan has won state championship titles with Arvada West, Chatfield, Mullen and Cherry Creek high schools, and on Saturday, he entered the Colorado High School Coaches Hall of Fame. Logan had been elected in 2020, but his enshrinement ceremony had been delayed due to COVID-19 precautions.

The Unclassifieds

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