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Mile High Morning: Peyton Manning, John Elway highlighted in Super Bowl LVIII program feature story on championship quarterbacks


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What makes a legendary quarterback can differ from one great to the next. The combination of the physical and mental requirements under immense pressure makes it perhaps the most challenging job in all of sports, and yet there's space for football's best quarterbacks to do it a little differently en route to winning at the highest level.

In the NFL’s official game program for Super Bowl LVIII, NFL Network reporter Mike Garafolo put the spotlight on many of the legends of Super Bowls past, identifying each of some of the best players by certain key skills.

The Broncos' first Super Bowl-winning quarterback, John Elway, was featured in the section titled "Big Arms," as his incredible throwing velocity and touch on deep passes became his calling card over a 16-year career that he capped with back-to-back Super Bowls.

"Elway's arm strength made him a No. 1 overall pick in the NFL and a second-round selection of the New York Yankees in baseball," Garafolo wrote. "There was much more to Elway's game, such as the running ability he showed on his helicopter-spin scramble in Super Bowl XXXII, but passers who can throw it hard always take pride in that ability."

The Bronco who won Denver its third Lombardi Trophy, Peyton Manning, got his shine in the "Preparation Guys" section, which highlighted Manning, Tom Brady and Bob Griese for their cerebral approach to the game.

In talking with former Colts quarterbacks coach Bruce Arians, Garafolo got insight into what drove Manning and how he succeeded in that area.

"Tom and Peyton, their preparation, they couldn't have any stone unturned," Arians told Garafolo. "You had to be ready to answer every question that could possibly happen in the game. When they were comfortable, shoot, nobody was better."

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