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Mile High Morning: Pat Surtain II says Broncos 'understand our goals and our destiny' as team works to rebound


The Lead

Since the Broncos' postseason drought began in 2016, each offseason has begun with one goal in mind: to return to the playoffs in the coming season. The same holds true for this offseason, and as Denver prepares to make another push now under the guidance of Head Coach Sean Payton, star cornerback Pat Surtain II says the team remains focused on that goal regardless of how the coaching staff will change in the coming weeks.

"We understand our goals and our destiny," Surtain told The Denver Post’s Parker Gabriel during an event launching Surtain's charitable foundation. "Obviously we can't control what happens upstairs with coaches, but the main thing is to focus on getting better this offseason. Focus on that main goal that we're working toward and want to achieve. I feel like that's the main thing going on with the team.

"We know these past couple of years we didn't get to that next step, which is the playoffs, but that's what we're looking forward to is getting to that next step."

Surtain has a high level of confidence that in addition to players' work, the new coach can have a remarkable impact on the team's trajectory.

"I think he'll provide the team with what's necessary, which is a winning culture in the organization," Surtain said. "His resume speaks for itself. He's a guy that can give you Super Bowls, can give you that winning attitude, the leadership qualities that you look for in a head coach. I'm really excited."

Below the Fold

Most mock drafts don't go beyond the first round, especially at this time of year, but’s Chad Reuter projected out the first three rounds in his most recent mock. For fans of the Broncos — who don't have a pick until No. 67 and No. 68 in the third round — this is one of the first glimpses of potential options for Denver at this point in the draft.

Reuter's first swing at it has the Broncos bolstering their offensive line and linebacking corps with USC lineman Andrew Vorhees and Arkansas linebacker Drew Sanders.

The Unclassifieds

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