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Mile High Morning: Kendall Hinton earns respect from Kurt Warner and others around the NFL


The Lead

The result wasn't what he wanted. The performance wasn't what he wanted.

But the sheer fact that Kendall Hinton — normally a wide receiver on the practice squad — played quarterback for the Broncos on Sunday was monumental in its own right.

As the Broncos' quarterback situation developed on Saturday and reports emerged that the Broncos were preparing Hinton to play quarterback in less than 24 hours, football fans around the country suddenly found Denver to be home to one of the most intriguing and unusual stories in recent memory.

A day later, we saw that the Broncos would not be able to capture enough Mile High magic to help him walk away with the win.

Many people still recognized the impressive character and will Hinton showed — including his opponents and a Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback.

"I don't care stats or score, this young man did nothing but battle with the crappy hand he was dealt!" Kurt Warner tweeted. "Have heart & courage like that – in the world of haters – he deserves more shots to get on the field doing what he does best! #TakeHimOnMyTeam"

Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan also gave credit to Hinton for persevering through the tough challenge.

"Helluva situation to be in…No shade at all…" Jordan tweeted. "RESPECT breh"

Below the Fold

The game had few bright spots, as we all are probably aware at this point. But's Chase Goodbread notes that the defense stood strong for a significant portion of the game. "Give the Broncos defense far more credit than the allowance of 31 points would normally provide," Goodbread writes. "With the Broncos generating a three-and-out or a turnover on six of their first seven possessions, the defense was placed in nearly as impossible a situation as the offense."

The Unclassifieds

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