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Mile High Morning: In interview with Rich Eisen, John Elway, Brett Favre recall their conversations after Super Bowl XXXII


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John Elway and Brett Favre, the two starting quarterbacks in Super Bowl XXXII, joined Rich Eisen on his Wednesday show and proceeded to delight viewers with their recollection of memories from that game and others from their football career.

For Packers fans, this segment may be best to skip over, but for Broncos fans, it was a real treat.

"We snuck up on them," Elway said. "They were defending champs and had a great football team. We had a great day, were able to run the football, really kind of keep him off the field. And even so they were in the football game until late. We were fortunate. They had a great football team, but we were able to finally get over the hump.

"And I appreciate him saying, you know what, he was saying if he was going to lose to anybody, he was fine losing to me, which always hurts, losing, but it made me feel good that he said that. So I've always had a great deal of respect for what he's been as a football player in this league, and also his personality. He's just a great [guy], a lot of fun to be around."

Favre recalled the conversation he had that day with Elway as the buses were waiting to return the players to their respective hotels after the Broncos had won.

"I obviously wasn't in the best of moods, but I go out to the bus and it was in San Diego, and both teams come out of the same area, same tunnel," Favre said. "There's a lot of players from the Packers, a lot of players from the Broncos kind of talking to family and friends. I'm on the bus and I see John, so I go down, get off the bus. I just go over and say, 'Hey, John,' and I obviously was not in a foul mood, just disappointed. I said, 'Hey, man, congratulations.' He said, 'Hey, don't be so down.' Just matter-of-fact said, 'Hey, don't be so down. You already won one. It was about time I got one.' I was like, 'OK, yeah, I get that.' I went back on the bus and just kept licking my wounds. …

"We always had a great relationship. He played really well in that game, but it was not really John Elway-esque. And I mean that with no disrespect. They just didn't really need him, surprisingly. Terrell Davis was just killing us."

Beyond that, the two apparently have some enjoyable memories from the Pro Bowl with Favre doing an imitation of Elway's gait.

"He used to kill me for my walk," Elway said with a laugh. "He had me totally pegged when it came down to how I walked, so he spent a lot of time walking around the Pro Bowl, when we had a break at the Pro Bowl, showing the move of how I walked. But it was a very good imitation.

"I stick my rear end out and pigeon-toed and waddled up there. It was a little overdone, but it got a good laugh every time he did it."

Favre, though, said he has a natural reason for why his impression was so good.

"We're both pigeon-toed," Favre said, "so it was pretty easy."

Below the Fold

For more from Elway's conversation with Eisen, including his thoughts about the Broncos' 2020 draft class and their strategy for selecting receivers with their first two picks, Aric DiLalla wrote about some of the more intriguing comments Elway shared.'s Dan Parr honored the Broncos' selection of Jerry Jeudy as the best draft pick in the AFC West. He also said the Broncos' draft class was tied for best in the division.

Fantasy football guru Matthew Berry of ESPN selected Drew Lock as one of his "Quarterbacks I love after the 2020 NFL Draft" on Tuesday. "Adding Alabama's Jerry Jeudy (44 receptions of at least 20 yards over the past two seasons, second most in FBS), speedster KJ Hamler and 6-foot-5, 250-pound tight end Albert Okwuegbunam, Lock's former teammate at Missouri, are all steps in the right direction."

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