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Mile High Morning: Jerry Jeudy surprises his mother with a huge birthday gift


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Since Jerry Jeudy couldn't wish his mother a happy birthday in person, he wanted to do something from afar to make her day even more special.

In a video posted to his Instagram, Jeudy's mother watched as she was shown a message Jeudy sent.

"I'm sorry that I can't be down there with the situation I've got going on with football," Jeudy told her in a prerecorded video. "… But I did want to tell you happy birthday, and you know I love you. Since I can't be down there for you, the surprise that I'm going to give you is, like I told you when I was, I forgot how old I was, but I remember telling you I was going to be the first one and I kept my word. I wanted to tell you that for your birthday, I'm going to get you a house of your choice. Whatever house you want is yours. Happy birthday, I love you."

His mother, clearly stunned, wiped away tears.

In a separate video Jeudy posted on Twitter, he recapped his path to the NFL, including how he begged his mother to let him play football despite his size in middle school.

"Actually, my brother started playing football before me," Jeudy said. "So watching him play football, I always wanted to play. After his football practice, I used to throw his shoulder pads on and helmet on and go to the mirror and look at myself and tap on my helmet and hit my shoulder pads. But my mom wouldn't let me play until the seventh grade because I was so scrawny and little. But in seventh grade, she didn't have no choice because I kept begging her."

As he neared his goal of reaching the NFL, he eagerly awaited being able to provide for his family like he did for his mother on her birthday.

"Now, having the ability to take care of my family, [it's a] remarkable feeling," Jeudy said.

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Even without Von Miller and several other key defensive players, the Broncos have the league's sixth-best defense, Pro Football Focus’ Anthony Treash writes in a ranking of the league’s best units through the first five weeks. "Denver being this high is mostly due to the fact that they have stuffed the run as good as any team in the league. Their team run-defense grade is the best in the league and their -0.3 EPA per rush allowed ranks second."

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