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Mile High Morning: How McTelvin Agim has remained committed to helping others during his rookie season


The Lead

In his first NFL season, McTelvin Agim has not let his opportunities go to waste.

He's tried to make the most of his snaps on the field, and he's definitely made the most of his chances off it.

This year, his biggest contribution might be as part of a program to speak to incarcerated and homeless youth.

"My message is to not hold your head down, let nobody tell you that your life is over, or that you're worthless," Agim told The Denver Post’s Kyle Fredrickson. "Because I was in your same position not too long ago."

Agim, who was arrested at 14 years old, used the experience turn his life around — and now he tries to use his story as an example for others.

"I know my message is sinking into them when I can get feedback," Agim told the Post. "We have some of the same stories. It's like, 'Dang, he's been through what I'm going through.' … You can always make a 180."

Below the Fold

Even though Diontae Spencer can't be at home for the holidays, he's still leaving an impact on his home state. According to KATC in Louisiana, Spencer has donated toys to four schools in his hometown of New Iberia, and after a family lost their home in a fire, his family donated money and toys.

Time for some sad news. It appears Von Miller will not make a return to the field this year. "Right now, I don't think [Miller] is going to be able to start practicing and play this season," Fangio said.

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