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Mile High Morning: DeMarcus Ware launches new subscription fitness app


The Lead

By the look of him, you'd never know DeMarcus Ware had ever retired.

Since he hung up his cleats after the 2016 season, Ware has somehow managed to maintain his physique, and now, he's devoting his post-NFL career to it.

Earlier this year, the former Broncos and Cowboys star opened a gym, and now he's launched a fitness app called Driven to Win.

"Fitness was the way I almost found myself again," Ware told Forbes’ Michael LoRé. "It gave me an opportunity to first figure out how I could recover, and what I needed to do to rehabilitate myself to where I'm at right now. … I got to a point now where I'm in better shape than when I played, and I started thinking to myself, 'How could I give this to everybody else?'"

With Driven to Win, fitness afficionados can train with instruction from Ware, his former teammates Von Miller and Chris Harris Jr., and other sports stars. The app also uses several instruments of advanced technology to help users. A virtual DeMarcus Ware can demonstrate correct form; the app can analyze movement with motion capture and 3D modeling; it can use heart rate monitors and measure speech patterns to adapt rest periods.

The app has three subscription rates: a monthly $14.99 option, a six-month option at $74.99 or a $99.99 year-long subscription.

"A lot of people have really big goals but they don't know how to bite off the small incremental things that motivate them each and every day," Ware told LoRé. "If they can do that, the big goal starts to become a lot more achievable because they're progressing to that point by getting little plusses along the way to keep them going."

Below the Fold

One of the Broncos' best stories this year has been the emergence of third-year receiver Tim Patrick, who leads the team in receiving yards and touchdowns. The Denver Post’s Kyle Newman writes that Patrick has shown that he can contribute to the Broncos beyond just this year. "Bringing Patrick back would further bolster a wideout room set to have Sutton at full-strength for 2021 and (hopefully) some quarterback stability in Drew Lock's third season," Newman wrote.

Christian McCaffrey's first game against the Broncos may have to wait. Panthers head coach Matt Rhule said Thursday that McCaffrey's quad injury may prevent him from returning on Sunday. "At this point, I don't expect him to play," Rhule said. If that's the case, McCaffrey's next chance to play the Broncos in the regular season will be in 2024, assuming he remains with the Panthers and the rotation between the NFC and AFC stays the same.

The Unclassifieds

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