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Mile High Morning: Champ Bailey calls playing for Broncos the 'best thing that ever happened' on 'Cut To It' podcast


The Lead

Champ Bailey's initial view of Denver before joining the Broncos was simple: Compared to his home state of Georgia, there was a lot of snow in Colorado. 

The Pro Football Hall of Famer and Broncos Ring of Famer joined Steve Smith Sr., a former wide receiver who played 16 seasons in the NFL, on his “Cut To It” podcast to talk about playing against each other, Bailey's football career and the impact of being a professional athlete on raising a family. 

"My first impression of Denver, when that thought of going there came about, was, 'Damn, it snows,'" Bailey said. "That's the first thing that came to my mind, but then I start thinking about the team, and I know I could play anywhere in any weather, so I didn't really settle on that too much. I start thinking about the team, I'm like, 'Damn, they're always in the playoffs.'" 

Bailey was candid with Smith about feeling undervalued in Washington, where he did not receive a contract extension despite making four straight Pro Bowls. When he approached former Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan about a trade and a big contract, Bailey recalls that Shanahan said, "No problem."

"There was no better transition for me in my career than going to Denver," Bailey said. "Best thing that ever happened." 

Smith reflected on matching up against Bailey when he was on the Panthers, noting that Bailey's tendency to closely shadow him on defense was a nuisance. 

"When we played against you guys in 2003, you were the first player in my young career — I was in my third year, but my second year starting — that I was followed everywhere," Smith said. "… I never expected a guy to follow me everywhere and be so close up on me that I could see if he had a fresh shave." 

Check out Smith's full interview with Bailey here.

Below the Fold

Pro Football Hall of Famer and Broncos Ring of Famer Terrell Davis is teaming up with fellow NFL legends Jerry Rice, Deion Sanders, Cris Carter, Dan Marino and Brett Favre, as well as Arcade1Up, the NFL and the Football Greats Alliance, to create a remastered version of the beloved arcade game NFL Blitz

"With the NFL Blitz Legends, you're going to see all the Hail Marys," Rice told HBCU Legends. "You're going to see the interceptions and game-changing tackles, all of that. And of course, you got to see the touchdowns."

Players will be able to use an arcade machine at home but compete in leaderboards and multiplayer modes online.

The Unclassifieds

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