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Mile High Morning: CB Pat Surtain II shares insight into his day-to-day life in 'Behind the Drive' segment


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In a video by I AM ATHLETE titled "Behind the Drive with Patrick Surtain II," cornerback Pat Surtain II explained how his highly personalized car mirrors his overall mindset toward football and life.

"I chose this car because when I think of my personality, I think just smooth, smooth sailing," Surtain said. "It kind of reminds me of that, with the blue interior, the … rims. Days like this when I travel to work, to the facility every day, I just think of smooth. [I] listen to music. My mind [is in a] placid mindset, just chilling and cool, laid-back, relax. [I] get my mind off of the little things and sort of focus on the now."

The video follows Surtain on his drive through the Denver community and explores a range of topics, from the details he appreciates about his car to his toughest challenges to his role within the Broncos' locker room. Surtain, a first-team All-Pro selection in 2022, is the second featured guest to appear on the segment, following Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Tee Higgins.

In the interview, Surtain revealed that following his father's legacy and blazing his own path was his most difficult challenge. Pat Surtain Sr. was named to three consecutive Pro Bowl teams as a member of the Miami Dolphins' secondary, and the younger Surtain focused on his own growth and game instead of the pressure of living up to his father's successes.

"The toughest thing I had to overcome, honestly, man, was the expectation going [into] the league," Surtain said. "Obviously, my pops played for a good amount of years, had Pro Bowl years, had a great career. When you put that out there, a lot of pressure goes toward the son, the kid, and just maintaining the legacy. With me, I was just focused on being the best version of myself."

Surtain also spoke about the pressures of being a professional athlete and his desire for fans to understand that athletes are more than just their on-field accomplishments.

"A lot of people think athletes are just making money, here to perform, here doing what they love, nothing goes on in their life," Surtain said. "[There are] a lot of things that go on in an athlete's life … that people don't see. I think we really need to shine a light on that."

From the blue interior to the smooth driving, Surtain offered an intimate look at his life off the field. But even when he does suit up for NFL Sundays, he said that cool perspective reflected by his car selection also goes for his role on the Broncos' defense.

"With me being a leader, me being a big part, a big piece of the team, a lot of people could look at me, a lot of people could look at my mannerisms, look at the way that I act, and that could affect them in some ways," Surtain said. "So I just try to stay cool, stay calm and don't let anything else ruin your mindset."

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