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Mile High Morning: Broncos share excitement about inclusion of flag football in 2028 Olympics

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Outside linebacker Nik Bonitto has emerged as one of the Broncos' top defensive players, and running back Javonte Williams is one of Denver's most dangerous playmakers on offense. But if they switched to flag football instead of tackle, both players said they'd swap sides of the ball.

Both players shared their ideal flag football positions after the International Olympic Committee gave the green light for flag football's inclusion in the 2028 Olympic Games, which will be held in Los Angeles.

Bonitto said he'd like to play receiver, which was his position back in his flag football days.

"That would be dope, man," Bonitto said on Monday. "I feel like I'd definitely want to be a receiver, just because back in the day with flag football, I used to kind of do that. That would be pretty cool."

Williams floated the idea of lining up under center to play quarterback, before raising the possibility of playing Bonitto's real-life position at linebacker.

"I like the idea, but the only way I'd play is if they'd let me play quarterback or something," Williams said. "In flag football, it's kind of hard to get started at a skill position, so I'd want to throw the ball. … I might have to do a position change. I might have to go back to linebacker."

Mike McGlinchey's position of right tackle doesn't have an equivalent in the blocking-free rules of flag football, but he's supportive of the efforts to grow football globally.

"I don't know how you block people with flags on, but I'm all for it [to] grow the game of football," McGlinchey said on Oct. 10. "Grow the game of football. If it's on a global stage like the Olympics, that would be incredible. The one thing I think l all of us are probably jealous of the other leagues in our country is that they get to represent their country on a world stage. Obviously, it would be a really cool honor, but there would be a lot of logistics to go through to make that happen, for sure."

Bonitto agreed and said he would appreciate the opportunity to represent his country in his own sport.

"Just growing up ... [there are] all these different sports that are able to go out and represent the country," Bonitto said. "Now having the sport that I played, that we can go out and do, that would definitely be cool."

While flag football is taking off on a global scale, the sport has also experienced rapid growth locally. The Broncos hosted the second annual girls high school flag football state championship on Saturday, and safety Justin Simmons honored the work of high school girls flag football organizations through his foundation's gala on Friday.

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