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Mile High Morning: Broncos' offense aiming for consistency against Kansas City


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Ahead of the Broncos' first primetime game of the season, right tackle Mike McGlinchey recalled one of his past matchups against the Kansas City Chiefs on a national stage. McGlinchey faced the Chiefs in Super Bowl LIV as a member of the 49ers, and he knows the challenge their defense can pose.

"I've certainly been familiar with them in big games before," McGlinchey said after Tuesday's practice. "[They're an] extremely talented group. They do a lot of different things on the defensive side of the ball, they pressure quite a bit and they have playmakers at every level of their defense."

McGlinchey said technique and continuing to advance the ball with positive plays will be crucial on Thursday night.

"[They] definitely present a challenge for us," McGlinchey said. "We have to make sure no matter what play is called, we're on our p's and q's [and our] technique is sound — and I think the biggest thing is you have to keep in front of the chains and keep the chains moving." 

Wide receiver Marvin Mims Jr. also stressed the importance of finding a rhythm on offense.

"Just kind of executing the play calling and also staying ahead of the [chains]," Mims said of the keys to finding success. "[Avoiding] penalties [is a priority], also. As long as we can stay ahead of the down and yardage, we'll be fine."

Communication has been another priority for the Denver offense through the first five weeks and will become even more important at GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium, a venue known for its record-breaking crowd noise and disruptive effect on opposing offenses.

Preparation for that challenge comes through dedicated practice with communication through the week, according to McGlinchey.

"Obviously, the silent count in a crowd like this [is important]," McGlinchey said. "… This is probably a top two or three stadium to play in, in terms of noise and in terms of environment. It's a lot of fun playing in Kansas City, but it makes it a little bit harder to communicate on offense. You've got to practice that throughout the week."

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