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Mile High Morning: Alternate helmets approved to return to NFL starting in 2022


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Throwback is about to be fully back.

For years, teams would occasionally don retro uniforms, honoring their history with bygone logos, colors and uniforms. The Broncos did so in 1994, the NFL's 75th season, when they wore a uniform set from the 1965-66 seasons, complete with a white retro bucking bronco logo on orange helmets. For the 50th anniversary of the American Football League, the Broncos later wore brown-and-yellow uniforms in games against the Patriots and Chargers in 2009.

But since then, NFL teams have largely had to curtail these retro-themed excursions. Since 2013, the NFL has permitted teams to have only a single helmet set. That's why, when the Broncos put their retro D logo on their helmets for Color Rush games, the team had to do it on navy instead of the traditional royal blue.

Some teams, like the Packers and Steelers, have been able to continue on as usual because their old helmets had the same primary color as their current set, but many franchises — like the Broncos, who had not worn navy helmets in any previous look — were not.

That could change soon. The NFL sent a memo on Thursday announcing that teams may have two different helmet sets as soon as the 2022 season.

"The revised policy allows teams to utilize a second (alternate color) approved helmet to pair with their Alternate, Classic and/or Color Rush uniforms,"’s Kevin Patra wrote.

According to the memo, teams must notify the league of their intent to use an alternate color helmet for the 2022 season by the end of July, so we could know soon whether the Broncos will take part.

Which throwback style do you want to see the Broncos wear again?

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The Broncos' royal blue (baby blue?) helmets is a really popular option, as CBS Sports’ John Breech picked that one as nine classic throwback options that could soon return.

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