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Mile High Morning: A look at the Pro Bowl Games' week ahead for Pat Surtain II


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With the Super Bowl two weeks away, the week of the newly redubbed Pro Bowl Games is upon us.

After missing out on the Pro Bowl a year ago, the Broncos are back in on the action with Pat Surtain II representing the franchise. Stay tuned on Denver Broncos social media channels and for more content from his first career Pro Bowl trip.

This year, the league's annual all-star event enters a new format with no full-contact game. Instead, there will be an assortment of smaller games leading up to a series of flag-football matchups between the two conferences. The winners of the eight smaller games will receive three points for each event for their respective conference, and the two first-round games of flag football are worth six points apiece.

See below for a summary of the week’s televised events:

Thursday's games (ESPN at 5 p.m. MT)

  • Epic Pro Bowl Dodgeball: In the first round, each conference's offense will face its defense to determine the conference's representative side in the finals.
  • Lightning Round: This three-part event features a water-balloon toss, a punt-catching competition off JUGS machines and a "Thrill of the Spill" game in which players attempt to dump a bucket on the opposing conference's coach.
  • Longest Drive: Four players from each conference compete to see who can hit a golf bar the farthest.
  • Precision Passing: Two quarterbacks and one non-quarterback from each conference compete as they showcase their throwing accuracy.
  • Best Catch (first round): The preliminary round will consist of highlight-reel catches filmed at Las Vegas landmarks, and an online fan vote will determine who proceeds to the finals.

Sunday's games (ESPN at 1 p.m. MT):

  • Best Catch (finals): Finalists compete to record the highest-rated catch for celebrity judges.
  • Gridiron Gauntlet: This four-part relay race includes breakaway walls, wall-climbing, coach-carrying and more.
  • Move the Chains: Two teams from each conference pull weighted walls 10 yards using first-down chains.
  • Kick Tac Toe: Kickers, punters and long snappers will combine to play tic-tac-toe.
  • Flag Football: In addition to the two first-round games, there is a third and final game that will decide the winner of the Pro Bowl Games. Ahead of the finale, the points for each conference will be tabulated to determine the starting score for the last game.

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