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McManus' Mile High Menu: Humboldt Farm, Fish & Wine


After living in the Denver area for almost two years now, my wife, Nadia, and I (newly married) have decided that every Friday we will have a date night that consists of visiting a restaurant we have never been to before. Each week we will alternate who picks the restaurant but the key is to pick a new place and to make it a surprise. We know Denver has a great food scene and wanted to highlight some of the restaurants that will fill up our stomachs every Friday night.

Nadia and I are not reviewing the restaurant, nor are we food critics; we just want to bring you along our food escapades around the Denver area. Please enjoy our opinions and photos of what we sank our teeth into and hopefully you will taste some of our recommendations for yourself, on your own night out.

Week 6: Humboldt Farm, Fish & Wine

Humboldt Farm, Fish & Wine is a neighborhood bar that offers guests chef-inspired food that can be paired with delicious libations, and enjoyed in a relaxed atmosphere. They serve up fresh, seasonal fare with a focus on local ingredients. Be sure to check out this "fresh" spot at 1700 Humboldt St. Denver, Colorado 80218.

Order one of Humboldt's hand-selected unique wines, craft beer or seasonal cocktails and you will not be disappointed. In addition, Humboldt's setup encourages you to invite your friends to share the great selection of delicious small plates on their large tabletops. With happy hour every day inside and on their patio, you will surely enjoy the vibrant atmosphere that is both upscale and casual.

Nadia and I loved our two-person table in the dining room but the next time we come back, we want to dine under the covered patio that offers diners a chance to eat outside all year long. The staff is friendly and quick to the table. Our waitress was exceptional and offered dishes that helped highlight what Humboldt does best.

Feast your eyes on what Nadia and I indulged ourselves with this week.



I'll Be Your Huckleberry, 17th St. Mule

Small Plates


Lump crab cake:This is not your grocery-store-bought pureed lump of breading and crabmeat. Filled with large chunks of crabmeat, this crab cake brought back memories of driving down to Maryland and buying crabs with the family.


Steamed mussels:If you haven't noticed yet, I am a sucker for mussels and boy, was I glad they had it on their menu, because it was absolutely divine. Seasoned and dipped in a garlic bath, this dish is sure to keep the vampires away.


Fried calamari: The fried calamari was fresh and light seasoned. This was the perfect portion for two without a fried food overload. The tempura style was rightly complemented by the lemon mayo.

Farm & Fish


Filet mignon diane: Prepared to our liking, this tender piece of steak is an absolute must for the price. Garnished with mushrooms and served atop a potato puree, this dish was one to recommend.


Herb crusted grouper: Grouper is another one of my favorite dishes to order, and without a doubt, Humboldt exceeded my expectations. With a crispy exterior that was marinated with a tomato basil vinaigrette, this dish is now tops on my all-time list of seafood entrees.



Chocolate cake:Humboldt's take on the chocolate lava cake: warm, rich chocolate cake served next to decadent caramel ice cream. This dessert really does melt in your mouth.

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