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Madden NFL 23 player ratings: The top-rated Broncos overall and at every skill


With the release of Madden NFL 23 less than a month away, EA Sports has unveiled player ratings for the entire league. We pored through the spreadsheet to find the best at some of the most important and most fascinating ratings categories for Broncos fans.

Remember, player ratings will be re-evaluated on a regular basis throughout the season, so a player can improve in the game as they do in real life.

Note: Players tied in a specific rating are listed in alphabetical order.

Overall Rating

Table inside Article
Overall rating
1. Justin Simmons91
2. Russell Wilson87
3. Courtland Sutton84
T-4. Melvin Gordon III, Pat Surtain II83


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Speed rating
1. KJ Hamler94
T-2. Damarri Mathis, Pat Surtain II93
T-4. Caden Sterns, Courtland Sutton, Jerry Jeudy, Melvin Gordon III, Michael Ojemudia, Montrell Washington, Ronald Darby91


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Acceleration rating
1. KJ Hamler96
T-2. Faion Hicks, Jerry Jeudy94
T-4. Damarri Mathis, Michael Ojemudia, Tyrie Cleveland93


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Strength rating
1. Netane Muti96
2. Bradley Chubb91
3. Quinn Meinerz90
T-4. Garett Bolles, Tom Compton89


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Agility rating
1. Justin Simmons95
T-2. Jerry Jeudy, KJ Hamler93
4. Courtland Sutton92
5. Russell Wilson91


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Awareness rating
1. Justin Simmons92
T-2. Billy Turner, Garett Bolles90
4. Kareem Jackson87
5. Tim Patrick86


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Catching rating
1. Courtland Sutton92
2. Tim Patrick88
T-3. Albert Okwuegbunam, Trey Quinn84
T-5. Jerry Jeudy, Travis Fulgham82


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Carrying rating
1. Javonte Williams92
2. Melvin Gordon III87
3. Mike Boone86
4. Damarea Crockett82
5. Greg Dulcich77

Throw Power

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Throw power rating
1. Russell Wilson92
2. Josh Johnson85
3. Brett Rypien83
4. Kendall Hinton74
5. Courtland Sutton62

Kick Power

Table inside Article
Kick power rating
1. Brandon McManus96
2. Sam Martin94
3. Corliss Waitman93
4. Aaron Patrick53
5. Seth Williams50

Kick Accuracy

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Kick accuracy rating
1. Sam Martin84
2. Brandon McManus79
3. Corliss Waitman62
4. Aaron Patrick48
5. Seth Williams45

Run Block

Table inside Article
Run block rating
T-1. Garett Bolles, Graham Glasgow, Tom Compton80
4. Dalton Risner79
5. Graham Glasgow75

Pass Block

Table inside Article
Pass block rating
1. Garett Bolles85
2. Dalton Risner80
T-3. Billy Turner, Graham Glasgow76
5. Lloyd Cushenberry III75


Table inside Article
Tackle rating
T-1. Alex Singleton, Josey Jewell86
T-3. Dre'Mont Jones, Jonas Griffith84
5. DeShawn Williams83

Break Tackle

Table inside Article
Break tackle rating
1. Javonte Williams94
2. Melvin Gordon III86
T-3. Courtland Sutton, Russell Wilson79
5. Jerry Jeudy77


Table inside Article
Jumping rating
1. Damarri Mathis97
2. Justin Simmons96
T-3. Baron Browning, Essang Bassey, Mike Boone93

Kick Return

Table inside Article
Kick return rating
1. Montrell Washington84
2. KJ Hamler82
3. Kendall Hinton80
4. Mike Boone78
5. Jamar Johnson71


Table inside Article
Injury rating
1. Russell Wilson97
2. Brandon McManus95
3. Lloyd Cushenberry III93
T-4. Justin Simmons, Pat Surtain II, Sam Martin92


Table inside Article
Stamina rating
1. Russell Wilson98
2. Justin Simmons96
3. Pat Surtain II94
4. K'Waun Williams92
T-5. Damarri Mathis, Kareem Jackson, Ronald Darby91


Table inside Article
Toughness rating
1. Russell Wilson98
2. Bradley Chubb95
T-3. Ben Braden, Eyioma Uwazurike, Lloyd Cushenberry III, Netane Muti, Quinn Meinerz92


Table inside Article
Trucking rating
1. Javonte Williams89
2. Melvin Gordon III79
3. Damarea Crockett76
4. Courtland Sutton72
5. Eric Saubert69

Change of Direction

Table inside Article
Change of direction rating
1. Jerry Jeudy93
T-2. Justin Simmons, KJ Hamler90
T-4. Essang Bassey, Russell Wilson89

Ball Carrier Vision

Table inside Article
Ball carrier vision rating
1. Melvin Gordon III91
2. Melvin Gordon III90
3. Jerry Jeudy87
T-4. Javonte Williams, KJ Hamler84

Stiff Arm

Table inside Article
Stiff arm rating
1. Melvin Gordon III86
T-2. Courtland Sutton, Javonte Williams81
4. Mike Boone78
5. Jerry Jeudy76

Spin Move

Table inside Article
Spin move rating
1. Melvin Gordon III84
2. Jerry Jeudy81
T-3. KJ Hamler, Russell Wilson78
5. Josh Johnson76

Juke Move

Table inside Article
Juke move rating
1. Jerry Jeudy92
2. Melvin Gordon III90
T-3. Courtland Sutton, KJ Hamler83
T-5. Javonte Williams, Mike Boone82

Impact Blocking

Table inside Article
Impact blocking rating
1. Bradley Chubb89
T-2. Garett Bolles, Netane Muti, Quinn Meinerz88
5. D.J. Jones87

Run Block Power

Table inside Article
Run block power rating
1. Dalton Risner82
2. Graham Glasgow81
3. Garett Bolles77
T-4. Lloyd Cushenberry III, Netane Muti, Tom Compton76

Run Block Finesse

Table inside Article
Run block finesse rating
1. Garett Bolles83
2. Tom Compton82
3. Graham Glasgow78
4. Quinn Meinerz77
T5. Billy Turner, Dalton Risner76

Pass Block Power

Table inside Article
Pass block power rating
1. Garett Bolles83
2. Dalton Risner82
3. Graham Glasgow79
4. Lloyd Cushenberry III77
5. Netane Muti73

Pass Block Finesse

Table inside Article
Pass block finesse rating
1. Garett Bolles86
T-2. Billy Turner, Dalton Risner78
4. Graham Glasgow75
5. Lloyd Cushenberry III73

Lead Block

Table inside Article
Lead block rating
1. Garett Bolles88
2. Quinn Meinerz87
T-3. Dalton Risner, Tom Compton85
T-5. Lloyd Cushenberry III, Luke Wattenberg83

Break Sack

Table inside Article
Break sack rating
1. Russell Wilson93
2. Josh Johnson68
3. Kendall Hinton65
4. Brett Rypien59
5. Courtland Sutton48

Throw Under Pressure

Table inside Article
Throw under pressure rating
1. Teddy Bridgewater86
2. Russell Wilson75
3. Josh Johnson72
4. Kendall Hinton58
5. Courtland Sutton37

Power Moves

Table inside Article
Power moves rating
1. Randy Gregory78
2. D.J. Jones75
3. Bradley Chubb74
T-4. Jonathon Cooper, McTelvin Agim73

Finesse Moves

Table inside Article
Finesse moves rating
1. Randy Gregory86
2. Bradley Chubb79
3. Dre'Mont Jones78
T-4. DeShawn Williams, Malik Reed75

Block Shedding

Table inside Article
Block shedding rating
1. Bradley Chubb81
2. D.J. Jones78
T-3. Dre'Mont Jones, Josey Jewell77
5. Mike Purcell75


Table inside Article
Pursuit rating
1. Justin Simmons89
2. Alex Singleton86
3. Josey Jewell85
4. Randy Gregory84
T-5. Bradley Chubb, Dre'Mont Jones83

Play Recognition

Table inside Article
Play recognition rating
1. Justin Simmons93
2. Kareem Jackson85
3. Dre'Mont Jones83
T-4. Bradley Chubb, K'Waun Williams82

Man Coverage

Table inside Article
Man coverage rating
1. Pat Surtain II84
2. Kareem Jackson83
3. Justin Simmons79
4. Ronald Darby77
5. K'Waun Williams76

Zone Coverage

Table inside Article
Zone coverage rating
1. Justin Simmons89
2. Kareem Jackson81
T-3. K'Waun Williams, Pat Surtain II80
5. Ronald Darby78

Spectacular Catch

Table inside Article
Spectacular catch rating
1. Courtland Sutton92
2. Tim Patrick86
3. Jerry Jeudy84
T-4. Seth Williams, Travis Fulgham83

Catch In Traffic

Table inside Article
Catch in traffic rating
1. Courtland Sutton90
2. Tim Patrick85
3. Travis Fulgham82
T-4. Albert Okwuegbunam, Trey Quinn80

Short Route Running

Table inside Article
Short route-running rating
1. Jerry Jeudy86
2. Courtland Sutton83
3. Tim Patrick81
4. KJ Hamler76
5. Trey Quinn74

Medium Route Running

Table inside Article
Medium route-running rating
1. Jerry Jeudy84
2. Courtland Sutton82
3. Tim Patrick80
T-4. KJ Hamler, Trey Quinn74

Deep Route Running

Table inside Article
Deep route-running rating
1. Jerry Jeudy83
2. Tim Patrick81
T-3. Courtland Sutton, KJ Hamler76
5. Kendall Hinton71

Hit Power

Table inside Article
Hit power rating
1. Kareem Jackson89
2. Von Miller87
T-3. Baron Browning, Josey Jewell85
T-5. Justin Strnad, Marquiss Spencer, P.J. Locke83


Table inside Article
Press rating
1. Pat Surtain II84
2. Kareem Jackson83
T-3. Bless Austin, Damarri Mathis, Ronald Darby76


Table inside Article
Release rating
1. Courtland Sutton83
2. Tim Patrick78
3. Jerry Jeudy77
4. Travis Fulgham73
5. Greg Dulcich70

Throw Accuracy Short

Table inside Article
Throw accuracy short rating
1. Russell Wilson88
2. Brett Rypien79
3. Josh Johnson75
4. Kendall Hinton62
5. Courtland Sutton59

Throw Accuracy Medium

Table inside Article
Throw accuracy medium rating
1. Russell Wilson88
2. Brett Rypien71
3. Josh Johnson65
4. Kendall Hinton57
5. Courtland Sutton53

Throw Accuracy Deep

Table inside Article
Throw accuracy deep rating
1. Russell Wilson94
2. Brett Rypien73
3. Josh Johnson66
4. Kendall Hinton53
5. Courtland Sutton50

Play Action

Table inside Article
Play-action rating
1. Russell Wilson94
2. Brett Rypien74
3. Josh Johnson61
4. Kendall Hinton50
5. Courtland Sutton34

Throw on the Run

Table inside Article
Throw on the run rating
1. Russell Wilson93
2. Brett Rypien78
3. Josh Johnson71
4. Kendall Hinton63
5. Courtland Sutton41

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