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Like Mack? Bradley Chubb studies Bears' pass rusher for hints on how he fits in HC Fangio's system

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — Just over a year ago, Bradley Chubb sat at a podium at the 2018 NFL Scouting Combine and told reporters he aimed to play like a combination of Von Miller and Khalil Mack.

Chubb got an up-close look at Miller's game once the Broncos selected the NC State pass rusher with the fifth-overall pick in last year's draft.

And now it's time to add an element of Mack.

As the Broncos begin their offseason program under new Head Coach Vic Fangio, Chubb said he's focused on studying how Fangio used Mack last season while Fangio was Chicago's defensive coordinator.

"That's pretty much all we're watching right now," said Chubb on Thursday when asked if he's watched film of Mack. "Got it on the iPad and all that. Just watching everything the Bears did last year, how they used Khalil, how they used Leonard Floyd, and I feel like it's going to be special."

Chubb is excited about playing in Fangio's defense, in part, because of all the options it should give himself and Miller.

"Sometimes they would have Khalil and Leonard on the same side, sometimes they would have Khalil in a three-technique with Leonard on the other side," Chubb said.

Fangio said in late March that moving Chubb to the same side as Miller was certainly an option for certain packages.

"Sure, that is a possibility," Fangio said. "Chubb is another guy where my knowledge and background on him is more from last year's draft than the 2018 season. He was a guy that we were interested in last year in the draft. I did a lot of work on him. I'm excited about coaching him.

"I think he obviously has the ability to play on the edge of our defense, but I will also be interested to see how much we can move him around and if it fits what we want to do in that regard. I think he can."

Fangio said it's been difficult to avoid imagining how he can use a pair of players that each recorded at least 12 sacks in 2018. He'll wait to make any final decisions on his scheme, though, until he can see his new team on the field.

"Yeah, I do get excited about it," Fangio said. "But until we see them on the field and how 11 all can fit together, anything we might want to draw up, we've probably already drawn up in the past. I'm just excited to see them play, and the X's and O's will take care of themselves."

Chubb didn't set any personal goals on Thursday, but if he can match Mack's 12.5 sacks, six forced fumbles and one pick-six from 2018, the Broncos should be in position to improve.

"[I've] just been putting in the work on the field [and] off the field, when it comes to the mental side of it," Chubb said. "Just trying to do everything to better myself so I can help better this team.

"I feel like if I have that big jump in Year 2, then we're going to win more games."

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