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'I promise that they're not going to stop': After comeback win, Drew Lock plans to keep dancing

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — After Drew Lock threw a game-winning touchdown to cap a 21-point comeback and beat the Chargers, it wasn't a series of impressive throws that made national headlines.

Instead, Lock's dance moves became a hot-button topic, particularly for FOX Sports' Colin Cowherd.

"I'm not into Drew Lock — the cool dancing," Cowherd said on his radio show. "Win more games, Cub Scout. Win more games."

Lock, who has won six of the first nine games in which he's taken a majority of the snaps, was previously Cowherd's pick for the second-year quarterback most likely to "pop" and play at an MVP level. Just a few months later, Cowherd derided Lock for "trying to be cool."

Asked about Cowherd's comments on Thursday, Lock smiled while admitting that the dancing is going to continue as he continues to find more success.

"I definitely got it sent to me and truthfully I feel like the person — if not other people, there might have been more than one — but that person just might not be able to dance as well as I do," Lock said. "So, I would be sour that way too. We'll see. Hopefully my dance moves get better in the public eye, because I promise that they're not going to stop."

Lock said he doesn't practice or prepare his dance moves, but he's been dancing and celebrating long before Sunday's win over the Chargers. In college, Lock secured a backpack after touchdown passes, and last season, he rapped to Young Jeezy on the sideline. While many other quarterbacks may be more reserved, Lock said his dancing is simply part of his personality. It clearly appeals to his teammates, including Von Miller, who tweeted a series of GIFs after the game trying to match Lock's celebration.

"Quite honestly, it brings the offense together," Lock said. "We all have a lot of fun doing it, [and] it brings a fun joy to talk about it. Even to go back after a win and watch it and be like, 'What were you doing right there?' It's just a fun thing that we all like to do. I'm a part of a younger generation of football that might have a little more fun as far as dancing goes. I've been a music guy my whole life. It's kind of just who I am."

Offensive Coordinator Pat Shurmur said when Lock is celebrating and dancing, it simply reflects a level confidence that leads to strong play.

"I think we all have to become the best versions of ourselves, and that's sort of who he is," Shurmur said. "I like to see him have fun; I like to see him be confident. I certainly couldn't perform some of those moves, and I wouldn't even try to. I think the thing for me and the thing I'm fond of the most in a player is guys that can let their personality show, but I think they want to be confident and respectful and understand the moment and do things in a way that makes sense."

Shurmur also explained that Lock's performance was about more than just a five-second dance. It was about leading his team back from a 21-point deficit with a three-touchdown fourth-quarter performance.

"I thought he showed great poise," Shurmur said. "I think we learned from a couple of weeks previous, you have to take what they give you at times. They were a defense going into where they didn't give you a whole lot of opportunities for big plays, so we had to do that, and I think he executed well. He showed that he can lead us to victory. I think he can build on that. Obviously, the challenge for us is to get a faster start, so that we're not putting any of ourselves in those situations. I was pleased that he was able to execute at a pretty high level late in the game and then when forced to get one throw for the win, he was able to execute it."

As the Broncos prepare for a game against the Falcons, Lock will aim to build on his performance and lead Denver to another win. Perhaps his play will make headlines or perhaps his dance moves will. So long as Denver continues to win, it seems like Lock and the Broncos won't mind.

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